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CZ: Bozí Dar – Magical Winter in the Ore Mountains

Published: 23.1.2023
History of mining, and many letters to Baby Jesus written by the hand of kids as well as grown-ups.

Bozi Dar Is Situated at 1 028 Meters

Situated in the Ore Mountains, Bozi Dar is the highest located Bohemian town and the highest situated town in Central Europe. You can travel there eaither by car or by bus. It takes about 2 hours if you set out from Prague. Bozi Dar is known for its tin and silver mines in the past. These days, Bozi Dar is known as a center of winter as well as summer outdoor activities.


Beautiful Vista over Bozi Dar and Its Surroundings

In winter this mining town is covered in snow. Right behind the town there is Neklid ski resort and 70 kilometers of cross-country ski tracks. When you reach the hilltop Bozi Dar will appear in front of you in all its beauty. Near from here is Klínovec, the highest peak in the Ore Mountains in Bohemia. Not far from here is the highest peak of the Ore Mountains in Germany – Fichtelberg.

above Bozi Dar   Boží Dar in the evening

Winter Sports On and Under the Hill

You may get around Bozi Dar on rackets. Children will love bear paws and overcoming snowdrifts, dunes, and jumping over ditches. Try snow slides or ride on rubber tubes down a snowtube slide. Who seeks even more adrenaline should give a try to snowkiting.

a slope above Bozi Dar

Great Facilities for a Great Vacation 

Uppon arriving in the town, you will first spot the Baroque church of St Anne constructed in the 16th century. It features an interesting wooden altar, a ceiling with special wooden formwork made of reed with frescoes. Also, there is a little convenient store, cafés with home-made pies, cakes, and other pastry, and a restaurant smelling good of mulled wine. The square is well constructed, it features information boards with info on the town and the surroundings. The post office and visitor center sits inside the same building.

sending a letter to Baby Jesus

Grown-Ups and Childre too Write to Baby Jesus

Local post office is quite in hurry in the time before Christmas. It is no ordinary post, it is Baby Jesus' post with their special stamp which is different every year. Anyone can throw a letter or a wish into the special letterbox next to the post. Adjacent to is a wooden nativity scene with marvelous wood carved characters. I too did throw a wish into the letter box, now I hope it will come true.

the nativity sceen in the town  

Walking the Baby Jesus' Trail

Let's see Baby Jesus. The Baby Jesus' trail starts in Bozi Dar, this trail for the kids is 5,6 kilometers long. Grown-ups can walk the longer one (12,9 kilometers). You may walk, ski, walk with rackets, or bike in summer. The nature trail features many little quests and a tale of the Baby Jesus and his helpers.

Baby Jesus' trail and wooden characters   Baby Jesus' trail features many mini quests

Baby Jesus trail and water goblin   quests waiting inside a shed

The trail has 13 stops along it where you may hide befor rain or bad weather. Every shed contains a task and some story to it. Along the trail are traditional little characters, fairy-tale characters, a swing, a spinning wooden wheel, monkey bars and a small ski tow.

a snack bar on the Baby Jesus' trail   a information board along the Baby Jesus' trail

Bozi Dar doesn't let anyone disturb it from its magical atmosphere.


GPS: 50°24'38.9"N 12°55'22.1"E

Text: Šárka Vacková

Photos: Šárka Vacková, Wikimedia Commons: VitVit

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