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CZ: Drbákov – Albert's Rocks, Trip for Brave Tourists

Published: 29.3.2018
The trip we are about to make today is not for everyone. A narrow trail on the hillside is not very friendly to hikers. Some sections are to be overcome only thanks to chain railing. You will go uphill or downhill constantly. The 6.5 kilometers trail is no way to be shortened. Moreover, there are no snack stands let alone a pub. So? Are you still down to it? You are about to experience an adrenaline trip with a bonus of a beautiful vista over the Vltava meander and wilderness.

The Highes Peak – Drbakov

The summit of Drbakov (490 m) is 200 meters from the southernmost point of the trail. If you make this short detour, concrete foundations of the former observation tower and a breaking staircase covered in moss is everything you will see there. Former observation tower with a vista over the water and distant surroundings is now surrounded by forest. Local sentries were supposed to keep an eye from any unwanted visitors on the Vltava.

Albert's Rocks

Vista Over the River

While walking you will repeatedly see the vista over the Vltava meander in Smilovice. Also you will see rock projections ten of which are great vantage points. You can only imagine how had it looked like around these parts before the Slapska dam was constructed. The river was 35 meters lower back then. Now, under water there are the villages of Oboz and Vymyslenka, the latter was the favorite place of the bricklayer Karel Bartunek. He was the creator of this scenic route. One of the vantage points bears his name as it is called Bartunkova. Scout Robin Vesely continued in Bartunek's work. Vesely was a known patriot and tour guide. Today you can see a memorial dedicated to him near Albert's vantage point which is the highest and most dangerous of them all. Yet the most beautiful. The rock facing the river has a text carved in by Robin: "Dear pilgrim. Do not hustle! Have your eyes wide open and look carefully around for what is here today may not be anymore tomorrow... Robin“.

Albert's Rocks   Albert's Rocks

Drbakov Nature Reserve – Albert's Rock

The nature trail is situated in the nature reserve of the same name. Should you spot mushrooms, unusual flowers, or fern leave them be. These are protected. There are about 11 info panels featuring images and short texts with interesting facts about the locality. Allegedly, about 1000 European yews grow here. These poisonous trees and bushes are known for their longevity. They can grow for up to 3000 years. Eurasian eagle-owl lives in the rocks. The same goes for sparrowhawk. The locality is also a habitat for the endangered great banded greyling. St Bernard's lilly, Squarrose Knapweed, and small pasque flower grow here.

European yew

Leave Your Bikes and Small Kids at Home

The beginning of our article is by no means an exaggeration. The trail is no suitable for small kids, or if you have a bike, stroller, or for people on wheel-chair. The stretch along the river is basically a narrow walkway cut into the rock. When hiking on the hillside,  you will be glad for being able to hold to a chain railing. In winter, the walkside is impassable and you need to be careful even in autumn because of slippery leaves. Otherwise the trail is well maintained. In the spring of 2018, traces of maintenance, including rook off leaves, were visible.

Smilovice   Vltava meander in Smilovice

Where to Park

We recommend to leave your car on the small parking lot of U Krizku, which is 500 meters from Nalzovicke Podhaji (the GPS coordinates state below). There are 15 free spaces. The trail is marked by a green strip. It will guide you through entire route back to the point of start.

GPS: 49°43'03.9"N 14°22'12.1"E


Text: Radka Snížková

Foto: Radka Snížková, Wikimeda Commons: HuhulenikChmee2Huhulenik (2)Huhulenik (3)

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