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CZ: Spring Walk Through the Valley of the Mže River from Svojštín Castle – VIDEO

Published: 25.3.2022
I like to discover places in the Czech Republic that are rather forgotten. Even better off high season. In the spring mood I went to the beautiful valley of the river Mze near Stříbro and in the video I will transfer you there for a while.

I start my walk in the village of Svojšín near the beautiful castle and the unique church of St Peter and Paul. With its Romanesque tower, it is one of the oldest buildings of its kind in western Bohemia.

I follow the red trail upstream of the river Mze. Just outside the village you can turn to the remains of a prehistoric hillfort, but I continue through the pine forest with many rocks and rockery further on the red marked trail.

výlet do přírody   výlet do přírody

Occasionally a view of the river opens from the hillside. But after a few kilometers, the sign turns down and takes you to the first settlement. If I ever get a cottage where you can clean up in the summer in complete peace and nice nature, it will probably be here.

výhled na řeku

The journey continues along the river. It is lined with tall alder trees and old twisted willows, somewhere wet reeds, somewhere on the shore grasses grow and I pass a few small meadows.

In the second settlement you can decide where to go at the crossroads. The red trail continues along the river to the Kosí potok settlement, the green trail leads one way towards the railway station, the other up the hill to Vlčí hora and the ruins of Vofštejn Castle.

osady v údolí   osady v údolí

Unfortunately, I had to choose a turning to the railway, because of the low demand there are only 2 passenger trains per day. If I missed that afternoon, I will be back in Svojšín to the car in the dark.

But I highly recommend you stretch your trip. Whether via Vlčí hora to Černošín, from where you get back by bus, or along Mže to Planá, where every 2 hours the express stops in Pilsen.

okolní příroda   okolní příroda

The entire valley of Mže beginning at the Hracholusky dam, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful in our country and due to poor accessibility you may be almost alone. I spent part of my childhood in this region and I always like to come back here, there are plenty of places to explore.

GPS: Svojšín 49°46'00.1"N 12°54'41.9"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

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