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Lower Austria: Following Wine Trails

Published: 23.9.2018
Autumn is traditionally associated with delicious wine and tasty food. Lower Austria celebrates this autumn wine season and opens its doors to visitors from around the world. If you have a taste for a wine trip, we recommend reading the following lines.

In the regions of Lower Austria, wine culture has a long history and great importance. Every year, you can enjoy the royal jelly tasting, plus a bunch of fine wines, fun at the festivals, shopping in the domestic markets, and last but not least, you will go through the beautiful vineyards.

(c) Donau Niederösterreich / Andreas Hofer – ilustrační foto

Weinviertel West – Retz a Röschnitz Wine Trail

Weinviertel West - Retz and Röschnitz are located in the western Weinviertel. At Retz, you can see an amazing wine cellar (20 kilometers long), where you can find all the important information about the history of the wine and about the annual vintage. The Wine Route is 130 kilometers long, with the longest cellar in Hadres. You can also visit the beautiful valley of the Pulkau River with wildly growing vineyards.

(c) Weinviertel Tourismus / Kroenigsberger – ilustrační foto

For pedal bikers, there is a wine pedal bike trail that passes through historic settlements, across romantic vineyards and around wine taverns called Heurige in this area. The route is Retz, Pulkau, Zellendorf or Röschitz, in the case of a day-long tour, you can also stay in the cozy environment. Hikers can take a thematic hike through the Sitzendorf Cellar Lane in Hollabrunn.

(c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Andreas Hofer – ilustrační foto

Thermenregion Wienerwald Wine Trail

The wine route from the southern outskirts of Vienna to the region south of Baden includes 2 332 hectares of vineyards. In this area, you can sample Spartro-Rotgipfler, Blue Portugal and modern wines from Ruland to Merlot. The wine-growing heart of the region is Gumpoldskirchen, where there are many local wine taverns and yard sales.

(c) Weinviertel Tourismus / Bartl – ilustrační foto.

The Weingartenwegweg vineyard cycle track will make the countryside a green vineyard, wine taverns and wonderful views. The wine and culture route runs along the Wiener Neustädter Kanal. Hikers can walk along the Beethoven Spazierweg by the Föhrenberge nature park, with the trail leading from Mödling to Baden. On the Thermenregion Wienerwald, you can go to the ancient Freigut Thallern winery in Gumpoldskirchen or the Weingut Böck winery in Pfaffstätten.

(c) Niederösterreich-Werbung / Rita Newman – ilustrační foto Wachau Wine Trail

Wachau is famous for its wines all over the world. Wachau Wine Route includes terraced vineyards from which Veltliner Green comes. Thanks to its unique land, the Wachau region is one of the best wine regions in the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

(c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Martin Matula – ilustrační foto

From the saddle of the bike, on the Danube Bicycle Route, Stage 5 North Shore: Emmersdorf - Krems, you can explore the most beautiful places of Wachau, visit the wine taverns and explore the sights in the vineyards. Walking is available, for example, the Welterbesteig Wachau World Heritage Trail or the Weinwanderweg Spitz wine route which takes you about 1.5 hours to ride.

(c) Donau Niederösterreich/Andreas Hofer – ilustrační foto

Kamptal Wine Trail – Waldviertel, Around Langelois

The Kamptal region, especially the Langenlois, boasts a long and renowned tradition of winemaking. Along the Kamp River runs a cycle path across vineyards, green forests, and Altenwörthe cross the hills into the flat countryside of the Danube alluvial forests. The Grafenegg and Rosenburg Château with sokol tours and numerous wine cellars are on the way.

(c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Martin Matula

If you are a hiker, the Wine Route Weinweg Langenlois gives you a look at the life of the winemaker and will delight you with several stops for wine tasting. You can combine hiking with, for example, visiting the WeinErlebnis Welt Loisium wine world or visiting the Altenburg monastery with Paul Troger's frescoes.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler

The wine trail in Schönberg am Kamp is refreshing and relaxing at the same time, offering a blend of wine, water and forests. A walk through the tranquil vineyards, cellars and along the Kamp River is a way that will delight all the senses.

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Source: Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH

Photos: Michael Liebert - title, (c) by photos

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