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SK: The Story of the Middle-Ages and Mysterious Nature

Published: 15.12.2019
We have good news for all lovers of good reading and beautiful photos. Two amazing books have been introduced to the bookstore counters, which will take you to the Middle Ages and reveal the secrets of Slovak natural corners.

Slovensko – príbeh stredoveku

Slovensko – príbeh stredoveku

The renowned photographer and documentary filmmaker Tomáš Hulík will invite you through a new book from the family publishing house Dajama to a pictorial walk through the oldest monuments of Slovakia. You will visit well-known and lesser-known medieval sacral and secular buildings, which are described in the publication in Slovak and English. Imagination will take care of two hundred photos, which radiate a magical atmosphere.

Slovensko – príbeh stredoveku

Book Slovakia - The story of the Middle Ageswill take you to the Great Moravian fortified settlements, pre-Romanesque and Romanesque churches, monasteries, Gothic churches and of course medieval castles or cities such as Bratislava, Skalica, Trnava, Nitra, Kremnica, Kežmarok, Bardejov, Košice and many others.

Slovensko – príbeh stredoveku

Slovakia – Mysterious Nature


Slovensko – tajuplná príroda

Another very nice publication, which only recently appeared on the shelves of a bookstore, is a large representative picture book by a renowned photographer and environmentalist Jaroslav Košťál. This pictorial work captures the magical and mysterious natural corners of Slovakia and through more than 200 photographs points to the symbiosis of man with nature. The book also includes Slovak and English texts documenting individual shots.

Slovensko – tajuplná príroda

From the comfort of your home you can visit the Slovak mountains (Strazovske vrchy, Súlovske Rocks, Velka Fatra etc.), valleys (Slovak Sahara, White Carpathians valley, canyon of Krupina plateau etc.) as well as waters (Morava floodplain, monastery meadows in Turci, Vychylovske prahy) on Kysuce etc.).

Slovensko – tajuplná príroda

Who Is It?

společenská hra Kto je to?

At the end, we would like to draw your attention to the new knowledge-based social game Who is it? (Who is it?). The game is intended for all curious people who like to play while guessing or getting to know famous, famous and important personalities of Slovakia and abroad from the field of history, politics, culture, art, science and sport. The board game offers almost 2000 clues to over 600 personalities.


Whether you are going to explore medieval monuments, magical natural corners, or discover hidden personalities, you will certainly have fun and learn. All listed titles can be found in stores and in good e-shops, but because Christmas is coming, you can even win them! All you have to do is write one Slovak medieval monument, one Slovak natural monument and one Slovak person by email to info@infoglobe.sk. The names of the three winners can be found on January 7, 2020 on our social networks.

Slovensko – tajuplná príroda

GPS: 48°50'54.6"N 17°13'31.6"E (St George's Rotunda, Skalica)

Source and photos: PR, vydavatelství Dajama

Text edited by: Infoglobe

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Do you like secrets and mysteries? The new book Mysterious Places from Dajama, a family publishers, invites you to explore Slovakia from a mystical point of view.

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