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SK: Low Tatras – Autumn Trip Up Kralova Hola

Published: 2.12.2018
The Low Tatras are beautiful and majestic mountain range in the country of Slovakia. Many tourists like this area. All-day long trips are especially popular here. A very popular tourist destination is a distinctive mountain that dominates the eastern edge of the Low Tatras. It is Krolova Hola, the legendary guardian and subject of many folk songs.

Kráľova hoľa – královna Nízkých Tater

vysílač na vrcholu

Kralova Hola (1 946 m above sea level) is situated on the main ridge of the most eastern edge of the Low Tatras, is the highest peak of the geomorphological subsoil of the Kralovoholske Tatras. We can describe it as an unexplained massif with a distinctive radio transmitter on the top. It is a hill that, due to its dominance and plurality, draws attention from every aspect of the world. On the horizon, it looks great when viewed from the High and the Western Tatras. or the Kozie Chrbty. Its amazing looks attracts our attention when we look at it from Dumbier, Muransky Castle. In good weather conditions it is greatly visible from the Vihorlat or Vtacnik.

Tourism All Year Round

hlavní hřeben v oblasti Kráľovohoľských Tater

To go up Kralova Mountain and other mountains of the the Kralovoholske Tatras, one can perform such a climb all year round. There are no seasonal restrictions to the trails. This hill is very well accessible for anyone who loves hiking and there are several marked hiking trails - from Liptovská Teplicka, Vikartovce, Spissky Bystry, Puste Pole, Vernar, Telgart, and Sumiac. The main ridge of the Low Tatras also runs the renowned highway - The Heroes of Slovak National Uprising trail, which is also part of the E8 international tourist trail. For tourists, one room serving as an emergency shelter for relaxation or hiding place for unexpected weather woes. Tourists can also visit the mountain lodge under Kralova Hola, which also provides refreshments and accommodation. It is located in the area of the Predni Klippe (1 451 m above sea level) on a blue hiking trail leading from Sumiac.

From Telgart along the Heroes of Slovak National Uprising Trail

pohled na Muránskou planinu a Horehronské podolí

Route of our exit begins in Telgárt village, where we join the red hiking trail, which is also the route of The Heroes of Slovak National Uprising. In front of us there is a 1 061 m elevation, 12.6 km long and a total time of 5 hours and 20 minutes. It should be noted that immediately after Telgart, the red trail leaves the forest path on the left and then disappears in a clumsy passage, then reappears on the forest path. For this reason, we can go further down the forest road when going out of the village and later turn to the left at the junction. After several meters, the red mark appears again and we can continue on the marked trail. The path leads steeply uphill through the forest, constantly gaining altitude, until we finally pass under electric lines. Here, the red trail turns right and leads under the electric line that extends through the sloping forest section. We are gradually emerging out of the forest, and our goal is set before us. We are in the open and cross an asphalt road at the signpost saying "Zubrovice Spring". . Making the last climb on the grassy slopes, we are slowly approaching a tall radio transmitter that is turned off high on the top of the mountain.

Superb Vistas

výhled na Vysoké Tatry

After hard and strenous climb, we finally got our desired rewards and we find ourselves next to the massive transmitter on the top. From an altitude of 1,946 meters, we can admire beautiful vistas over the surrounding mountainous countryside of Gemer, Podpolani, Spis and Liptov regions. The monumental panorama of the High and Western Tatras, as well as the silhouettes of the Chocske Hills and the Little Fatra, attracts us in the north and northwest. In the foreground, we recognize the low crest of the Kozie Chrbty, towards the east we see the Poprad Basin and Poprad, Levocske vrchy, Slovak Paradise, Volovske Hills or Revucka vrchovina. In the south, the vast areas of Muranska planina and Horehronska Podoli are spread out. Looking at the west, there is a huge main ridge of the Low Tatras. The hills of Kralevoholske Tatras - Central Hola, Orlova and Velky Bok are particularly interesting, while in the distance we can see some of the dominant landmarks of the Dumbierske Tatras - Skalka, Dumbier and Krakova Hola.

Kráľova hoľa pohled na okraj Nízkých Tater, v pozadí Kozie chrbty, Poprad a Spiš

GPS: 48°52'58.5"N 20°08'23.0"E

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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