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Ceska Lipa: Ideal Place on a Journey Across North Bohemia - VIDEO

Published: 16.7.2013
Another almost obligatory stop in the Macha’s land is Ceska Lipa. Its historical center is located on the riverside of the Ploucnice.

Ceska Lipa used to be a place that left its visitors with unpleasant feelings during the communist rule. It was not a cozy place that was covered with concrete and dirt. Panel houses were built dangerously close to the historical center; it took lot of work to get back its genuine look. However, today Ceska Lipa is jazzed up. The city attracts tourists to its interesting and well-maintained historical center, good food, beverages and also quality accommodation.

Extensive square gently ascends up the hill and at its end there is a town hall. In front of the town hall is a busiest place in Ceska Lipa for lot of people walk across the square with an ice-cream in their hands or they just enjoy there a good family dinner.

Česká LípaČeská LípaČeská Lípa

Česká Lípa 

Ceska Lipa on the brink

Lipa was always busy as this city was the largest Bohemian subject city in, later it also received many privileges. The Hussites slowed down development of Ceska Lipa. The oldest town houses in Ceska Lipa were built in the 15th century, in the time when the city began to grow again

Like during the Hussite wars Ceska Lipa found itself on the brink even towards the end of 1990’s. Then uranium industry seized the city and it looked like that everything beautiful planned there would have to withdraw to make a space for investors. The Old Town would have to make a place to “modern” grey panel houses and other achievements of the regime. Fortunately, the Velvet Revolution overthrew old regime and reduced mining of uranium. Historical houses raised from dead, recovered from shock and today they make their people proud. A walk around historical sights in Ceska Lipa can take up to several hours.

Česká Lípa

A lot of sights and amazing nature

The largest concentration of historical landmarks is located at T. G. Masaryk’s Square. The town hall with a neo-Renaissance façade was built in 1515 and the Holy Trinity column has to resemble a plague, which hit Ceska Lipa in 1680. Every child stops by the Empire style fountain and Art Nouveau houses deserve attention as well, some of them preserved their emblem until today.

Česká Lípa

Česká LípaČeská LípaČeská Lípa

There are many other interesting things in the city like streets and interesting places like a Jewish cemetery, several churches, Augustinian monastery, city park or a view of the Ploucnice River. Lipy, a water castle, is also worth visiting. People who like museums would appreciate the Vlastivedne Museum and its gallery.

For many Ceska Lipa is still a starting point for trips through north Bohemia; it doesn’t matter whether they want to travel by feet, bicycle or boat. Ceska Lipa is an ideal base for rest after more or less demanding trips.. Českolipsko

After you get enough of Ceska Lipa try Peklo, for instance. It is a riparian forest with lot of sandstone rocks and admirable flora and fauna. Or try Spicak observation tower from where is a nice view around landscape. Also, you can take a bike ride from Ceska Lipa as there are several trails, perhaps the most popular during hot summer months is the one which leads to Macha’s Lake. You will experience adventure if you decide to go down the Ploucnice River.

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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