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CZ, Discover the Region of Liberec – Active Vacation

Published: 19.5.2019
The Liberec Region lies in the north of the country, on the border with Germany and Poland. The town of Liberec is also the regional center and natural center of the region. Although it is the second smallest region in its area, it has played a large role in Czech history, especially when creating trade routes.

It is an area of rich history and plenty of natural, cultural and historical monuments. It is rightly known as a paradise for tourists, skiers, nature lovers and admirers of history or lovers of regional products. The romantic natural sceneries of rock towns and the border mountains are the reason why the most protected natural areas in the Czech Republic are in this region. Visitors will find many interesting places, especially ancient castles and romantic castles. Unique log buildings have been preserved in many places, and the system of stone and metal lookout towers, unique in the Czech Republic, is unique. One of the reasons for visiting the Liberec Region may be the local world-famous glass and jewelery, which has a truly rich history in this region.

Bohemian paradise, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz

However, the Liberec Region is not only history and culture. The region is also a great place to spend an active holiday. For sports lovers there are ideal terrain for summer and winter sports and there is also a wide range of various adrenaline activities. Thanks to the diverse terrain and good technical facilities, a number of international sporting events are organized here, including World Cups in Nordic Skiing, Nordic Combination and Ski Jumping or the traditional Jizerská 50 competition.

Bohemian Paradise, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz

Combining quality and varied offerings with excellent service are the reasons why the Liberec Region is annually the destination of hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Europe. There are 5 tourist areas in the Liberec Region - the Jizera Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise, the Lusatian Mountains, the Macha Area, and the Giant Mountains, which offer endless opportunities for leisure.

A Tip for a Trip – Crystal Valley

Sloup, (c) Ladislav Renner, CzechTourism

Glassmaking has a deep and ancient tradition in the Czech region. In part, this is due to the appropriate natural conditions that initially provided almost everything needed for glass production. Above all, however, it was the skill and diligence of glassmakers who gave their products outstanding properties. Enterprising traders then made Czech glass a world-famous term.

fashion jewellry, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz   glassmaking, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz 

The Crystal Valley is a project whose aim is to create conditions for utilizing the potential of glass, jewelery and jewelery in the Liberec Region. Visitors can go on a journey through the glass and jewelery museums, also visit the glassworks and try the production (glass blowing) and participate in a number of creative workshops (jewelery courses). We must also mention interesting events, namely the International Glass Symposium in Nový Bor, the International Triennial of Glass and Jewelery (Jablonec nad Nisou) and the exhibition Fragile Beauty, Glass Town (Jablonec nad Nisou).

Macha's Country, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz

The Liberec Region does not forget the bikers. He has prepared an unusual guide that will guide them around Liberec and Zittau. A total of 20 routes, which run through interesting places and on a quality surface, were created by the locals.

Ještěd, Liberec Region, (c) liberecky-kraj.cz

Also attractive for tourists may be the family trip to Roland with the Knight, which takes place in Liberec during the summer, as well as the Via Sacra pilgrimage route, which leads through unique sacral monuments and art treasures located in the territory of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

Podještědí (c) Ladislav Renner, CzechTourism

You should not miss the Doksy Chateau, where an unusual information center, a gallery, a library and the Four Leaf Clover Museum await you. An unusual experience will be the Krkonoše Beer Road, which connects the towns in Krkonoše with local breweries during the summer, the Ještěd Celebrations in September, when you can see the bowels, or the medieval road to the Clam-Gallase manor.

GPS: 50°46'09.4"N 15°03'29.3"E 


Source: PR, CzechTourism

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