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CZ, Pavlov: Where Winegrowers Stick Together - VIDEO

Published: 28.1.2014
We visited Pavlov in summer heat. What is interesting about his place located in southern Moravia? Winegrowers from Pavlov, a small village, were among the first who joined their forces to make wine of Palava famous all-around.

Under the brand Vinitores Palaviensis same association regularly organizes traditional spring wine exhibition: Summer Open Cellars and in November the Day of Open Cellars. You can admire the art Pavlov winemakers, but also you can taste the wine cellar beneath the town hall, which was opened in 2004. Fruity freshness, specific aroma and spiciness - that the experts at the local wine growing on limestone bedrock Pavlov (often called Palava) hills value most. Wine village Pavlov lies at the edge of the protected area hills and Biosphere Reserve.

Palava resembles hot Spain

As a Spanish village – this is just how Pavlov and Palava look. Hills, heat and white rocks Also, the spirit of the people would be easily possible to find similarities with Spaniards. Moravians are kind and hospitable since forever. Even on a magic square in Pavlov, spread on a steep slope, one would feel warm atmosphere.



The locals are friendly and lure tourists eager to taste their wine and attract them to the local wine shop. No not aggressively. They try it cunningly offering a shot. Only a few people then resist further shots. On the slopes all around the vine matures and hot sun swells into rocks and surface water reservoirs Nove Mlyny . Who would not want stay longer in such a romantic place?

People of Pavlov and the herritage of their ancestors

Pavlov, a village landmark area, is a home to only a handful of people. The pride of their home is a square, lying beneath the ruins of Detvicky Castle and above the third Nove Mlyny. At the square, the church of St Barbara and several wine houses with Baroque facades are located. Also in Ceska Street, visitors can admire a total of 19 listed Renaissance and Baroque wine houses from the 16th and the 17th centuries.



The beautiful and opulent buildings testify the wealth of the then inhabitants who tried to approach the building type burghers of eight kilometers away from Mikulov. Grapes employ local people from the 15th century, when Pavlov was the largest wine-growing village in the dominion of Mikulov. Other places of interest include statue of Saint Florian, Baroque cemetery and the ruins of Devicky Castle , built around 1222 on the route leading to Austria.    

Not just wine lovers, but also those who found pleasure in archeology, know Pavlov very well. Right there, archaeologists discovered rich deposits of proving settlements in the area as early as the Neolithic. So not only wine, but also the history plays an irreplaceable role there.

Pavlov is also an ideal destination for bikers who find enjoyment, entertainment as well as knowledge at, for example Moravian Wine Trail or Mikulov Wine Trail or on a trail dedicated to the findings from the days of mammoth hunters. Beautiful is also a tour around Nove Mlyny tanks. Hikers can go to the famous Vestonice or the ruin of the already mentioned Devicky Castle.


Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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