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Austria: Styrian Winter in Murtal Region

Published: 9.12.2015
Winter is coming. It means that possibilities for skiing and trips in nature open once again. Join us to take a short trip to Murtal, a paradise for holidaymakers in Styria. Here we would like to present you some of the new things in the region.

For starters we invite you to Turracher Höhe ski resort. The resort has expanded its skiing areas. What you can experience there is once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kreischberg resort also invested in some things like high-quality snowmaking. Also, they built a snowpark with professional service. Or within its compound you can find a U-ramp which is great for freestyle snowboarding. They also had in mind non-skiers. At the altitude of 1800 meters above sea level there are tourist trails the starting point of which is at the six-seat cable car Kreischberg station.

region Murtal (c) Herbert Raffalt Hohentauern

region Murtal - Lachtal (c) Steiermark Tourismus region Murtal (c) TVB Hohentauern

Make sure you don’t leave out a trip to Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen national park. It offers a wide variety of things you can do there such a torch walk, a ski run, a racket walk, you can try curling, or ski on a frozen lake. Even those who love to sledging will find opportunities to do so, because you can take a ride uphill while on your sledge in the Tonnerhütte ski area. Once on some top you can ride down one of five special sledge-tracks which have 1.5 kilometer in length altogether.

 Murtal region (c) Tonnerhütte

If you like pre-Christmas meetings then we recommend you to visit Murau Christmas market. There regional hand-crafted items will be displayed – wax products, wooden toys, or artistic candles. Something to warm yourselves a bit will be there also to buy like woolen hats, mittens, scarfs, and more! Last but not least, some traditional cuisine will be there to please your taste buds. Stop by in Farrach. I has been organizing Christmas markets for the past 25 years and became the most popular center to enjoy Christmas atmosphere. To immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere try to visit the chateau there. Its façade resembles gingerbread. The chateau adds to the atmosphere of ubiquitous handicrafts, hand-made accessories, ornamental items, artistic performances, delicacies from local chefs, and other cultural events. We should also mention another chateau – G'Schlössl Murtal in Großlobming town. A beautiful Christmas market where a children zoo is takes place there. You can take a seat, for instance, at the pond, or see an exhibition of nativity scenes.

region Murtal - Farr (c) Foto Mitteregger, Judenburg

Murtal region is also known for Spielberg, an amusement park where racing tracks are located. Feel the joy of ride there, or ride a sports car and do some icy drifts, or even ride snow scooters, or buggies . Do biatlon equipped with modern laser guns, or dance on an ice-rink on the top of a fast food restaurant. Slide down a 40-meter slide right to racing tracks.

 region Murtal (c) Projekt Spielberg

If you love to go to cultural events the good news is there are plentiful in Murtal: for instance, the New Year’s Eve show at the downslope in Lachtalu (31. 12.), an organized ski-run in Obdach (6.–7. 1.), International Ski Federation Days in Gaal (11.–15. 1.), Ö3-Pistenbully in Kreischberg (27. 2.), or the 2nd Skiing in Kilts Day at Turracher Höhe ski resort (2. 4.).

Don’t postpone it and plan a trip to Murtal!

Text: Oskár Mažgút, murtal.at

Photo: murtal.at, © Projekt Spierlberg (cover photo), © at photos

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