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CZ: Bohutin – A Town of Mining History

Published: 26.10.2017
If you leave Pribram for Plzen, you would travel across Bohutin. From its beginning to its end. The town has the history of mining. Its strategic location makes it a great place to make trips to the Brdy.


The town emerged as a joint settlement of four villages – Vysoka Pec, Havirna, Tisova and Bohutin. Mining buildings are situated mostly in the first two of the districts. If you travel here from Pribram, once you enter the town, there is mine headgear Rimbaba. Also, a small museum on the history of mining is situated within the compound. Moreover, the new studio of painter Karel Hojden was opened here. On the other end of Vysokopecky pond, there is mine headgear Rudoulfka rising to the sky. Next to the main road which goes through the town, you may notice the entrance to Stepanka shaft. Also, struhy, a unique water canal, which fed Pribram shafts with water. Behind local municipality, there is a short renovated section of the canal.


Old Town Bohutin

There are interesting structures situated in Bohutin Old Town. For instance, Antonin Dvorak used to play on organ inside St Mary Magdalene's church. The church burned down and the organ with it in 1950. However, it was rebuilt in the year 1956. TThe apparatus was transported here from defunct cloister in Libejovice. Achacuv Mill is a great example of folk architecture. The mill features an attic roof and a long courtyard balcony.

a church, Bohutin   local church

A Trip to Tremosna

Tremosna hill is one of many places you can make a trip to from Bohutin. Leave the town and on Pila crossroads (only several dozen meters from Pilska water dam) join a green tourist trail. The road passes a memorial stone close to U Prokopa cabin. The stone commemorates the oldest documents found here which inform on the mining of  silver in the region of Pribram. At Pila, join a blue tourist trail to Kozicin. At Pod Tremosnou crossroad, turn to path going across debris field. There you may enjoy amazing vistas over the landscape and even of south Bohemia or the Sumava.

U Prokopa

Tremosna is 778 meters above sea level. On the top, there is a rest area for tourists. Unfortunately, you won't get much of a vista here because the view is obstructed by trees. On the other hand, on Kazatelna you can enjoy magnificent views. There you may see Pribram or Brezove Hory.


The trail then goes downhill to Orlov village. Local legend has it that the village was founded on the spot where an eagle was shot dead by a young man. On the edge of the village near the parking lot, there is a low wooden lookout tower. Once you are in Orlov, you are very close to Kozicin waterworks or to Bohutin. Alternatively, you can follow the yellow trail to Pribram.

naučná stezka v lesoparku   jamky

Easy Walk in Forest

To enjoy some easy forest walk, visit the forest between Pribram and Bohutin. It stretches from the soccer field by Litavka to Vysokopeckemu pond. The nature trail with eleven stops goes through the forest. You could learn more on the history of mining in the area and local nature. In addition to that, there are very well visible "holes", place where Celts panned for gold. Also, concrete stands of a former tow situated here as well. The tow used to transport ore from Vysoka Pec to iron works in Brezova Hora. There is a crossroads with a memorial tree somewhere into the middle of the forest. Here you can turn to the bridge and cross the Litavka Brook (should you travel from Pribram you need to make a turn to the left). 50 meters down the road you reach the gateway to Rimbaba tunnel.

entrance to Řimbaba tunnel

You can go here in any weather. Trust us, energy you get from this trip would last you couple of days at least. 

GPS: 49°40'00.2"N 13°57'57.1"E


Text: Eliška Gregorová

Photos: Eliška Gregorová, Wikimeda Commons: Chmee2

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