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SK, Kysuce – Winter Hike to Velká Rača Cabin

Published: 17.3.2021
This time we will take you to Kysuce, more precisely to the village of Oščadnica, which is one of the largest Slovak villages in terms of population and area. Our goal will be the Cottage on Velká Rača (Schronisko PTTK Wielka Rácz), located about 80 meters below the summit.

As the name of the cottage suggests, its location is on the Polish side of the Kysuckie Beskydy (Żywieckie Beskydy), yet it is a very popular place not only for Polish but also Slovak ski mountaineers and tourists. The ascent to the cottage is relatively less demanding and in nice weather (especially on weekends) there are even a number of mountain lovers who are waiting for refreshments. It is possible to pay in euros at the cottage.

stezka u lanovky

But let's go in order! We start our winter trip in the main parking lot of the Snowparadise Velká Rača - Oščadnica ski resort. We head to the valley station of the cable car in Dedovka, a few meters away.

louka nad lanovkou

To the right of the cable car is the sign of the exit route, which directs us to the steeply ascending old forest path, but you can also take the cable car. Gradually and without problems we get to the slopes above the forest. We walk along the cottages towards the upper part of the Košariská II ski slope, where a bobsled track is installed. Along it we get to the top of Dedovka. Here we recommend a short stop connected with a free visit to the 16-meter-high Dedovka lookout tower.

zalesněná stezka

There is only one route leading from the Dedovka hill, right next to the forest, on the right side of the ski slope to the ridge. For the sake of completeness, we add that another ski mountaineering ascent route is connected at the top station of the cable car to Marguška, but it starts from the Lalíky locality.

Malá skalní díra – informační tabule

From Marguška, we will soon reach the last cable car on the right side of the ski slope on the ridge. From here we climb a forest path with a green tourist sign to the top of Velká Rača. The ascent is undemanding and without steep climbs. During the ascent, we pass the information board of the natural creation Rock Holes, which represents an interesting natural creation. A little higher we can see the Little Rock Hole.

Malá skalní díra

After the forested ridge we climb to the top, which is, however, deforested and thus provides magnificent views. After crossing the state border, you can visit the lookout tower with a circular view of the Beskydy Mountains, but also the Western Tatras, the Low Tatras or the Lesser Fatra and Oravska Magura.

Chata PTTK Wielka Racza

Below the top is our destination, a tourist cabin of a Polish tourist club. The history of the alpine hut dates back to 1934 and over time it served not only for tourists, but also as a strategic observation point during World War II. It currently offers 50 beds and buffet snacks. After a short rest, go the same way back.

vrchol Velká Rača

GPS: 49°24'59.7"N 18°55'09.2"E  (parking lot)

Text: Oskár Mažgút in cooperation with HIK, o. z.

Photos: HIK, o. z. 

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