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SVK: Kysuce Region - Velká Rača

Published: 20.10.2011
Today we´ll visit a distinctive and between Slovak and foreign tourists but also extremely coveted Kysuce region. Today, however, is won´t be just a tourist outing full of beautiful views, but also lots of great fun in the heart of beautiful countryside.

At the end of September, in one of the last really warm and sunny days this year, we decided to make a short trip to Kysuca Beskydy. Our aim was Velka Raca, the highest peak of this mountain.

In winter ski, in summer it is hill of fun

We drove to a relatively large village Oscadnica, which is well known among skiers. Because in September it is not possible to ski yet, we were wondering what we can get from this mountain resort in addition to high-quality winter skiing.

Mountain resort Velka Raca Oscadnica is located on the adjacent slopes above the same named mountain village. Already in the village u have to decide if you want to get to the top of the Great Race by cableway, or you dare track out on top from the bottom of the village already. If you choose the harder option, so it is good to follow the signs beside the main road, which will direct you to the parking under the seat lift Lalíky. This seat lift doesn’t work out of season. But if you will walk be closer to the very top from here than from Dedovka. We decided follow the signs from the centre of the village to Dedovka. Near the valley lift station we found a large free and half empty car park. We bought a ticket and boarded the chairlift. During the ride up except admire the beautiful view we thought if it is better first to really enjoy on countless attractions or first take a short climb to the top. Just when we saw on the right side of the cable saw bobsleigh, it was decided. First will be fun!

Countless attractions

Everyone can choose from the plenty attractions. First we were attracted by bobsled already mentioned, which length reaches to 1400 meters. If you do not worry, you can reach the speed up to incredible 40 km/h. On your way you expect a lot of turns and jumps, as well as a 360 degree roundabout. No reason to be scared, really. Throughout the journey you are attached by seatbelt and truck is designed the way that is not possible to trolley leave the track. If you cannot just do proactively, there is nothing easier than to bobsled ride with a friend. On one truck can carry is because up to two adults at once. You can regulate the speed. But never don´t stop on truck absolutely to avoid the collision with another truck. Even at the end don’t get out. Trolley is smoothly connected to the lift 400 m long, and it takes you back to the top station. Last winter I was on the same bobsled (in operation even during winter months), but during summer it is much more fun. In winter, the snow lies around, so you will not notice that basically all the time you are going above the ground. And the grass does not look as safe as the snow, so adrenaline is rising much faster.

After the little brake in the cafeteria we went to test how it is with our sharp shooting. In six attempts to hit when shooting an arrow into the target I was well entertained, not just me but also everyone around, including the instructors. Number of interventions I would prefer to not publish. Fortunately my husband corrects the bad reputation later. But it was fun so great, I must admit. I was still attracted by trampolines, at first sight it is attraction for children. But it is not true. If you satisfy the only restrictive criterion, which is your weight (no do not belong to the featherweight category), so you can go jump easily, as an adults. During the great fun we almost forgot about our original aim. So we had one more beer, something little to eat and we slowly went to the top.

Jump to Poland

From Dedovka to the top by pleasant walk takes approximately 45 minutes. The path goes around the top cable car station, first you´ll pass Marguška and then Lalíky. It is not difficult to claim up and it can handle even small children or seniors. During the trip, you can freshen yourself by raspberries or blueberries, which is next to the marked tourist path really enough. Near hiking trail you will meet the geomorphologically important 9 m long cave, which is created in sandstone. Her name is Little Rock hole and although it is not open to the public and its entry is barred by rocks, there is an information plate.  At first you´ll probably sew a large wooden cross, erected on top of the Great Raca. Not far behind stands a wooden viewpoint, which would deserved the reconstruction. From its terrace you have a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings.

Except Slovakia and Poland you can admire from this the border top the nearby countryside of the Czech Republic. Just below the summit, on the Polish side is hidden in a large chalet. If you dry while hiking, or would you prefer something warm welcome to eat, do not hesitate to enter. Serve you a nice staff with no problem understanding Slovak and Czech. Additionally, you can pay not only the Polish zloty, as well as Euro. I could not resist and ordered the Polish beer with a dash of raspberry syrup, as same way as most Polish girls drinks. My husband had only soft drink, because in a couple of hours he had to drive. But even he could not resist and bought a can of beer to cottage. Polish beer is always reminding us wonderful moments spent in Krakow. Journey back to Dedovka we passed very quickly.

We hoped that we still manage to borrow a mountain scooter and run on them down the slope. Unfortunately we have come too late. It does not matter. At least we can look forward next time. There are many attractions that are definitely going to try. Except mountain scooters there is a rope park, climbing wall, down rope, or aquazorbing. And every year Dedovka offers more and more attractions. Last, we admire a beautiful view and full of experiences we came by a cable car down to the car park.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková

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