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Region of Bratislava - Slovakia

Bratislava Region is, with its extend of 2052 km², the smalles region of Slovak Republic, but, thanks to its position, it has an international importance. Important railways and travel routes are crossing here, including international airport and port on Danube-river. Owing to its small extend and presence of capital of the country, its density of population is the biggest.

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The region is located in southwest part of the Republic. On its south part, Danube-Devínská Kobylariver forms the state border with Hungary, on west, along flow of Morava-river, it borders with Austria. The remaining border is established with Trnava region. The capital of Slovak Republic is Bratislava. Here, there is concentrated the politics, economy, industry centres (chemical, motor-car, foodstuffs, machinery...), culture (exhibitions, museums, galleries, theatres, opera) and sports.

BratislavaFrom tourist point of view: this region brings big economy profit for the Republic (owing to its attractivity, diversity, history, tradition and culture). Lovers of nature, peoples´ architecture and wine of the first quality could follow from Bratislava known so called „Small Carpathian Wine Route“. Other places of interest: Sun Lakes in Danube Low - ground, near to the town of Senec. Fertile Danube and Záhorská low-grounds are divided by Small Carpathian Hills, including highest peak of Velký Javorník (594 metres above sea level). Regarding history: you cannot miss ruins of Devín Castle, arising as an eagle nest above confluence of Danube and Morava rivers, Plavecký Castle and Červený Kameň Castle.


Text: Monika Babická

Photo: O. Maňáková, O. Mažgút


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