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CZ: Tips for Trips to See Sights in South Bohemia

Published: 3.10.2020
The trees are painted with leaves, but the sun is not giving up yet. Babí léto only encourages trips. Do you know where to go in southern Bohemia?

Český Krumlov Castle is the second largest castle and chateau complex in Bohemia and can also be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the castle interiors, you can also visit the castle theater, museum, castle tower and other interesting places. Do not miss walks through the beautiful gardens, the castle park with the famous revolving auditorium and you can feed the ducks by the pond. Then be sure to stroll through the entire historic center with its ancient streets.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov   Český Krumlov

Another pearl of southern Bohemia is undoubtedly the Hluboká chateau. It is an impressive Gothic building with a beautiful park and gardens. You can enjoy a very beautiful view of the surroundings from the castle tower. Be sure to check out the castle orangery. You can visit the castle all year round. In addition, you can also visit the zoo and the Hunting Museum in Ohrada Castle in Hluboká nad Vltavou.

zámek Hluboká

Červená Lhota Chateau is very popular due to the color of the facade. It is a Renaissance water castle and in addition to a tour of the interiors and a walk through the park, you can relax here by boating. The chateau is located on a rock, which became an island on the chateau pond by damming the valley and raising the water level.

Červená Lhota   Červená Lhota

Rožmberk Castle is a beautiful monument that will attract you from afar. It is the oldest seat of the Rosenbergs. The castle offers visitors four sightseeing tours, including a hangover or an extraordinary tour of the English Tower.


The chateau in Jindřichův Hradec was originally a Gothic castle and boasts the third largest chateau complex in Bohemia. Opera, theater and other cultural performances take place regularly in the castle courtyard. Part of the complex is a beautiful music pavilion Rondel.

Jindřichův Hradec   Jindřichův Hradec


The city of Třeboň offers us more to explore. Of course, the Třeboň chateau with three sightseeing tours, a beautiful fountain in the courtyard and a large adjacent park with a gazebo, where you can order a wedding ceremony. There are 100 living rooms in the castle.
About 1.5 km from Třeboň in the English park on the south side of the Svět pond is the Schwarzenberg tomb Domanín. Be sure not to forget it during your trips, it is worth your visit. The tomb is built in a pseudo-Gothic style and is a two-storey building in the shape of a regular octagon. It's a really impressive building.

zámek Třeboň   hrobka

Lovers of golden liquor will certainly be attracted to their visit by the Třeboň brewery.
I would also like to recommend a Renaissance gem located near Netolice, namely Kratochvíle Castle. It is a former hunting lodge. It will immediately captivate you with beautiful paintings on the facade. The castle is surrounded by a moat. After a tour of the interiors and the chateau chapel, be sure to stroll through the beautiful Renaissance garden.


If you are a bit overeat with castles and chateaux, drive to Lipno, where you can visit the Treetop Trail. The wonderful ascent between the branches of the trees will also fascinate your children, as it contains a lot of didactic stops and you will surely enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings. You can go down from the highest point with one of the longest dry water slides in our country.

GPS: Český Krumlov 48°48'46.9"N 14°18'55.4"E


Text: Šárka Fofoňková

Photos: Šárka Fofoňková, Wikimedia Commons: Jerzy Strzelecki, Miluše Svátková

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