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CZ, Vidovice – Berchtold Chateau

Published: 19.5.2016
HOTEL Chateau BERCHTOLD is situated near Prague in the fabulous land of Lada. Its name comes from the noble Berchtold family. They owned the chateau at the turn of the 20th century. In 2005, a complete reconstruction and revitalization of the chateau began. It transformed the compound to a place where interesting events take place. Especially families with children are fond of the chateau for its family atmosphere and delicious food.

 Berchtold chateau

You won’t regret visiting Berchtold Chateau. There is the Children’s Paradise chateau garden which surrounds the chateau itself. Within the garden there live magical creatures. The most popular is, for instance, the underground hell where Lucifer and devils dwell. Another one is the famous explorer V. Klimtova’s fairytale land of gnomes and bogeymen and the candy house where a witch lives. One section of the garden holds scale models of Czech castles and chateaus. Thus, you can see small models of the most beautiful Czech landmarks. There are around 20 of them in total. The most beautiful are: Cervena Lhota chateau, Karlstejn castle, or St Jiri’s rotunda on the top of Mountain Rip model. Another popular amusement ride is a trampoline. An entire family can enjoy jumping on it. A small zoo also belongs to the compound. Holland pygmy goats, swan gooses, pigeons, or domestic rabbit live at the zoo.

scale-model park in the garden near Berchtold Drnovec lesní

There are many family events held at the castle throughout the year. Most of them take place on the courtyard and, to some extent, at the Children’s Paradise. The Great Children’s Day and the Veterans exhibition are among the most popular events held at the chateau. This year, these two events take place on the weekend of 28th and 29th of May. Berchtold is going to be transformed into one huge fairytale land. The motorcycle and car veterans are going to be present on these days. Interesting program starts at 10 o’clock. It includes many music and dance performances, competitions, workshops for children, and amusements. Kids can take part in competitions or they can ride kick scooters and go-kart at traffic park. Clown Jacob and theatre plays are also going to amuse children. The main stars of the show are going to be, as previously, Michal of the TV show Kouzelna Skolka, and the magic show of „Around the World with Magic“ hosted by Pavel Kozisek.

traffic park  kick scooter race

Veterans exhibition  children’s playground

You can sate your hunger at the Magic Garden restaurant. It is well-known for its beef sirloin in cream sauce and Karlovarsky dumpling. More demanding customers can choose among delicacies cooked in the chateau’s kitchen.

 Berchtold chateau

The chateau operates a hotel, a restaurant and a municipal museum. The latter holds many exhibitions such as one on postage stamps and collector’s coins. Sports fans appreciate the traffic park designed to be interesting also for parents. The favorite parts are treadle go-carts and kick scooters both suited for kids and their parents. There is not much more to tell you about. Come and see our place by yourselves.

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Text and photos: HOTEL zámek BERCHTOLD

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