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CZ, Hrusice – Fairy Tale Village

Published: 18.8.2019
Today we will take you to a fabulous region surrounded by picturesque nature. More precisely, to a village where water sprites, ghosts and all kinds of animals that even speak live. Our goal will be the village Hrusice, located less than 40 kilometers from the historic center of Prague.

Let's start by saying how to get there as quickly as possible. If you do not have a car, we recommend a train that takes you from Prague Main Station to Mirošovice, from where it is only about 2 km to Hrusice. However, a bus can also be used. If you are a sports type, it is good to know that through the village passes through the Hrusický cycling circuit, which can handle and children. The total length of the circuit is 24.5 kilometers.


rodný dům Josefa Lady (tabule)   rodný dům Josefa Lady (tabule)

The village of Hrusice begins to write its history since 1205. It is inherently connected with the personality and work of a prominent writer, cartoonist and painter Josef Lada. This world-famous author was born here (1887), spent his childhood here, and although he went to nearby Prague in 1901, he often came back here.

His presence can be felt almost everywhere in the village. Nearly every fairy tale place the author describes or illustrates in his books, there is an information board. The buildings are decorated with his drawings, even benches or trees are decorated with master´s paintings.



boční vstup  areál kostela

We also recommend visiting the Romanesque church of St. Wenceslas from the beginning of the 13th century, which is the dominant element of not only Hrusice, but also ice art. Be sure to stop by the stepped portal of red sandstone that lines the side entrance to the temple. The opposite building of the vicarage from 1914 is also remarkable. There is a memorial linden tree growing nearby, and a little further away is the municipal office with a museum of models of Hrusice houses and Lada's figures. Before the sacred building, it commemorates the consequences of the First World War with a memorial to the fallen, and from time to time, beautiful buildings of folk architecture emerge from individual streets.

památník padlým

Opposite the church across the road are two old Czech pubs U Sejků, which are decorated with Lada's paintings from outside and inside.

hospoda U Sejků

hospoda U Sejků   hospoda U Sejků (interiér)

Do not miss a visit to Lada's villa at the southern end of Hrusice, where the Monument to Josef Lada and his daughter Alena is established. House No. 115 hides a place where the author and his family spent mostly summer holidays. At present, there is an exhibition depicting Lada's life - from family photographs to personal items to the artist's works. On the ground floor you will also find a souvenir shop, a scale model of a Ladov toy car or an oversized tomcat Mikeš. After moving to the first floor, take a look at the exhibition dedicated to Jaroslav Hasek and his most famous novel Good Soldier Svejk. In other rooms you will find the author's writing and visual arts, eventually you will get acquainted with the free creation and illustrations of his daughter Alena Ladová. You will appreciate the digital audio guide that you get after purchasing tickets.

Památník Josefa Lady a jeho dcery Aleny

Památník Josefa Lady a jeho dcery Aleny  Památník Josefa Lady a jeho dcery Aleny

Benches, Lada's and Alice's biographies, art sculptures and a small arboretum of old fruit varieties built in the back of the grounds complete the villa's surroundings. Here our trip ends, but we do not say goodbye to Lada.

lidová architektura

Hrusice is a village that will return you to your childhood.

GPS: 49°54'35.9"N 14°44'16.7"E


Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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