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CZ, Zlin – A Unique Zoo

Published: 26.7.2017
Today we take you to an amazing place about 10 kilometers from downtown Zlin. The city was founded by the Shoe King Tomas Bata in 1930. Well, you may already realized we are going to visit the Zlin Zoo. Locals dubb it Zoo Lesna.

The Zlin Zoo is not your average zoo. There is a chateau and a beutiful park situated within its compound. Visiting is a great for families with children as the zoo offers various family discounts. Also, you can meet here keepers, see the utility rooms, experience commented feeding, and find accommodation in the proximity. Also, there are snack bars. Parking is on several places for free. You can pay either in Czech koruna, euro or with a card. Moreover, there is a left-luggage, bike storage, a baby changing table, bike rental, senior cart rental, an indoor playground, and WiFi. The zoo is open all year round.

Zlin Zoo – information board

Zlin Zoo – information board     Zlin Zoo

After giving you some facts we now move to the world of animals. There are over 200 species in the zoo. The zoo has several parts each one thematically linked to a different continent. Thus you will visit Africa and see baboons, flamengos, lemurs, hyena, surikatas, rhinos, giraffes and elephants. Next one is Asia and its red pandas, tapirs, gibbons, different bird species, and tigers. You'll find Australia also much interesting for its kangaroos, New Guinea singing dogs (the Zlin Zoo is Europe's only zoo to keep this animal). Black swan is also to be seen here. Americas take you to the world of tropical rain forest, the home to sloths, toucans, fish etc. Moreover, there are Euroasian otters, cute seals, capybaras or giant anteater. All expositions have different themes and are marked by different colors and feutre different architecture. Added are stone reliefs, examples of dwellings, paintings, statues, and info tables. All these walk you through the world of animals, nature and history of mankind.

Zlin Zoo

Zlin Zoo     Zlin Zoo

Exposition displaying birds, ostriches or kangaroos is a great experience. Here you can get over the fence and observe these animals from up close. Be sure to see the bay of rays and you won't find anything like it across entire Europe. The rays here are not only to wathc but you may even feed them. The pavillion includes also small fish tanks with sea animals. Penguins are another great attraction here. Only local penguins swim in salt water. Pay some attention also to a salamander breeding facility or their terariums.

Zlin Zoo

People who are fond of botanics may sort of visit Japan. The Mu-Shin garden is the largest Japanese-style garden in the Czech Republic. Mexico also has its typical plants (cactuses, agaves etc.) featured here. Last but not least, there is even an exposition displaying plants of the age of dinosaurs.

Zlin Zoo - Japanese Garden

A tour of Lesna chateau would be an icing on the cake. The construction of the chateau took place in the years 1887 to 1894. Inside, there are on display collections of paintings, porcelain or contemporary furniture. The chateau is also a prime example of luxurious life of 19th century nobility. Weddings are next to tours another popular undertaking at this place.

Zlin Zoo

Lesna chateau     Zlin Zoo

A romantic English-style park belongs to the chateau. It adds to quaint nature of the chateau plus it is a peaceful place. There are over 1100 woody plant species making it one of the most valuable chateau parks in Moravia. Unfortunately, it is a one day trip there is barely doable. Therefore make sure you have enough time to explore it thoroughly. In case you don't manage it we can recommend you to board the so called zoo train which might get you to individual expositions faster.Zlin Zoo

Moreover, the zoo is currently working on the project Karibuni. This one would guide visitors throuch central and western Africa. An elephant paddock should be the main attraction yet there would be more animals such as primates, predators, hoofed namials or hippos. Kea parrots and the precious Kiwi bird will get their own expositions as well. And there is even more to that.

Zlin Zoo

The Zlin  Zoo is really beautiful place for an entire family. Children and adults alike will have a lot of fun. If you are no stranger to nature, if you enjoy ncie architecture, interesting history, and great atmospehre go to Zlin. Many amazing experiences are waiting there for you.

Zlin Zoo

GPS: 49°16'17.5"N 17°42'53.6"E

Text: Oskár Mažgút
Photos: Roman Tvarožka

Překlad: Stanislava Waniová


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