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SK, Banskobystrický kraj – Significant Mining Region II

Published: 4.4.2021
After a week we will return to the Banská Bystrica region. In the following lines, we will please all cycling enthusiasts, as well as history and monuments. Gradually we will go to Pustý hrad, to the village of Špania Dolina and by bike we will get to the secrets.

Where to for a Trip

Pustý castle, also known as the Old Zvolen Castle, is one of the largest castle ruins not only in Slovakia, but also in the whole of Europe..

Pustý hrad, (c) Pixabay.com

An nature trail with twenty bilingual information boards, which is 5.8 kilometers long and has an elevation of 310 meters, will lead you to the castle. You can walk at a pleasant walking pace in about 3 hours.

Pustý hrad, (c) Pixabay.com

The desolate castle is located on a partially wooded hill above the confluence of the Hron and Slatina rivers, only about 2 km southwest of Zvolen. It once consisted of the older Upper Castle and the younger Lower Castle. The symbol of the whole area is the monumental transitional tower gate, the remains of which still stand in the southernmost part of the fortifications. Restoration and archaeological work is constantly underway at the castle. The result of this work is, for example, a completely restored tower of the castle castle, which is also the highest point of this medieval gem, offering the most beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

The mining past of the Banská Bystrica region is also reminded by the mountain village of Špania dolina, which is today an important jewel of folk architecture.

Špania dolina

The monument reserve consists of a set of mining houses built of wood and stone. They are mostly built on a steep slope, have shingled roofs and beautiful balconies. Thousands of tourists from all over the world are attracted here every year by the beauty of the surrounding nature, the rich mining history of the village, but also the peace that radiates directly from this place.

Starohorské vrchy

In the past, the village was known mainly for the mining of copper ore, to this day there is a beautiful early Gothic church of the Transfiguration of the Lord from the 13th century, which also includes the adjacent buildings of the rectory and bell tower. The building of the former flapper is also interesting, you can walk along the educational mining trail, sit in the mining pub and you will see the mining water supply system. For mountain bikes, there are mountain slopes available, where you will experience the real adrenaline. Heaps after mining activities are again a popular place for mineral seekers.


Tip for Biking

A very interesting network of cycle paths under the common name "Bajkom k tajchom" can be found in the bosom of the beautiful nature of the Štiavnica Hills, which provide ideal terrain for lovers of mountain biking. During the bike trip you can admire the beauty of the natural environment, but also visit several historical or cultural monuments, many of which are closely connected with mining history.Štiavnické vrchy – tajchy

The system of mining collecting and supply lathes and secrets, which in the past served as a water reservoir and especially a source of energy for driving mining machines, is unique. At present, many secrets are used for recreational purposes, others serve as tanks for drinking and utility water, some have disappeared. Collecting and supply jams are largely non-functional today, but many of them are used as hiking or biking marked trails, forest roads or in winter as cross-country ski trails. You can download a detailed cycle map free of charge.

Štiavnické vrchy – tajchy

GPS: 48°33'18.0"N 19°06'29.1"E (Pustý hrad)

Text: Infoglobe

Photos: Oľga Maňáková, Karol Kobella, Pixabay.com

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