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SR, Brusno: A Town with Water Riches – VIDEO

Published: 21.3.2022
In the northern part of the Banská Bystrica region, approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Banská Bystrica, lies the village of Brusno. From the cadastral point of view, the territory was originally divided between the villages of Svatý Ondrej and Brusno, but in 1960 it was merged into one large municipality. The town is known mainly for its spa, but in the following lines we will introduce you to other tourist attractions.

The Pohronská village at the foot of the Hron River is still divided into three parts, namely Ondrej nad Hronom, Brusno and Brusno lázně. The first written mention dates from 1424 and initially the serf settlement of the nearby Ľupčianske castle formed over time as an agricultural seat, later the so-called door-to-door trade or livestock breeding prevailed here. 


The inhabitants faced emigration, actively participated in the SNP and during the communist dictatorship were forced to unite cadastral territories. It is interesting that from 1960 to 1974 the town was called Hronov. The spa began to develop from the 19th century, thanks to which Brusno is not only an ordinary village, but mainly a spa town with a unique atmosphere.

Brusno - Lázeňský dům Poľana

The first documented mention of healing springs comes from 1818 in the parish chronicle in Medzibrod. Since then, the town has become a popular place. Thanks to mineral springs, it treats diseases of the kidneys, liver, stomach and intestinal disorders, musculoskeletal system and heart - vascular diseases.

Brusno - chátrající léčebný dům

The most distinctive functional spa building is the Poľana Spa House, which provides a wide standard of accommodation as well as relaxation or hotel services. At present, the buildings of the former Ďumbier Spa House, Vepor and the buildings of the peat departments are also non-functional, but architecturally unusual. Here we cannot fail to mention that the local radioactive peat bogs, due to their chemical composition, exceeded the peat bogs of the famous Františkovy Lázně.

Brusno - léčivý pramen   

Brusno - Kaplička Brusno - Lurdská jeskyně

Perhaps the most important element of the spa is the six healing mineral springs, namely Ludvig, Hedviga, Paula, Ondrej, Ďumbier and Vepor. Their temperature ranges from 16 ° C to 20 ° C. An integral part of this place is a landscaped spa park with recreational physical activities.

Brusno - Lázeňský park

Here you will also find several sacral and cultural monuments, among which we can include a sculpture of Christ from 1924, which is located in the local "Garden of Gethsemane". Behind it stands the single-nave Chapel of St. Anne with a pyramidal roof tower built in 1910.

Brusno - Kaplička sv. Anny 

You can spend some time between the procedures at the Lourdes Cave with a statue of the kneeling Bernadette and the Virgin Mary. You can also go to the oldest building in the village, which is the Church of St. Ondřej built on a hill near the Municipal Office. It is a single-nave, originally Gothic building with a polygonally finished presbytery and a tower from the 15th century, but later modified in the Baroque style.

Brusno - Kostel sv. Ondřeje

Brusno - Kostel sv. Ondřeje Brusno - Kostel sv. Ondřeje

Among the military landmarks you would find here (at the church) a monument to the fallen in the First World War, made of artificial stone in the shape of a pylon. You will definitely be interested in the original folk buildings. A beautiful example is the wooden house "U Roháčů" with a narrow courtyard. It is reminiscent of former village architecture and shows how people used to live and live.

Brusno - světská socha

Brusno also offers beautiful surrounding nature. In the background of the village there are numerous hiking trails accessing the ridges of the Low Tatras or the Poľana massif. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the town, which thanks to its water wealth was named "Slovak Karlovy Vary".

Brusno lidová architektura

GPS: 48°47'08.0"N 19°23'49.3"E

Text, photos, and video: Pavol Jemala, Slovensko zdola

Music: Pixabay; Melody of nature main - 6672

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