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Scotland, Glasgow: A city on the Clyde II

Published: 26.9.2014
After a short introduction to Glasgow in the last part of our series, today we move on to its streets to explore the most famous sights and places.

GlasgowAt John Knox Street there is an entrance to the compound of the most important sacral building in Glasgow - St Mungo’s Cathedral , built in the 12th century. When you walk by a couple of grey stone houses you will find yourself by the cathedral itself. It is the residence of Glasgow archdiocese. Allegedly the cathedral is on the place where Mungo built his original church. His tomb is situated in below the cathedral. The building is considered a fine example of Scottish Gothic style.

St Mungo’s CathedralNear cathedral there is a renovated residence of the bishop and the St Mungo's Museum of Religious Life & Art as well. The museum captures world’s main religions in an artistic way. It shows how different religions approach similar problems such as birth, marriage, or death.

As we already mentioned museums, lets go further to the river Cylde. After around twenty minutes of walk among beautiful historic buildings of Glasgow you will reach another museum that is combined with a gallery, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. It is one of the St Mungo's Museum of Religious Life & Art foremost European institutions of its kind. Its collection includes 9000 works of old masters, French impressionists, Holland renaissance painters, or the painters of the so called Glasgow school.

When you get enough of this fascinating gallery operating for more than one century, go on to the Clyde, for example, along Stockwell Street. It is not particularly interesting street yet it should get you to the river in fastest time. In front of the bridge turn right and get on Katedrála sv OndřejeClyde Street. This street will get you to the second of the most important sacral buildings in Glasgow.

The cathedral of St Andrew is much younger than its medieval counterpart. It was built in the beginning of the 19th century as a Roman-Catholic church. In that time, however, Scotts were not very friendly towards the Catholic church. So during the construction they damaged the building in the night. In the years 2009-2011 a vast renovation of the cathedral took place. You may recognize it for its “fresh” look. A very pleasant stop indeed. Katedrála sv Munga při procházce podél řeky Yet it looks strange surrounded by modern glass office buildings.

There is much more to see in Glasgow (for example Sharmanka, giant shipyard crane Titan Clydebank etc.) but we will move on in our journey across the world.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org

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