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It is extending here the highest montain-range of Moravia Hrubý Jeseník, the highest point is Praděd (1492m).

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Published: 14.9.2007
The town of Šumperk is situated in a valley of Desná-river in an altitude of 335 m. of sea level.

ŠumperkIt is preserved from North by massif of Jeseníky ranges. The history of Šumperk comes to 13th century, this was connected with mining of  expensive metals (gold, silber, iron ore).

Šumperk is signed as a gate to Jeseníky – it is placed on crossroads of roads, leading to important mountain basis – Skřítek (Elf), Červenohorské sedlo ( Red-Mountain Gap), Ramzová and to massif of Kralický Sněžník.

Historical  importance of a place proves the fact that in 13th century Šumperkthe Order of St.Dominic stayed here. This Order was settled in important and economical strong  places only. In 1391,  Šumperk obtained important privileges from Moravian Margrave Jošt, so its rights were comparable with  such towns as Olomouc, for instance.              

On 7th May 1669 the town was struck by big fire which destructed the Šumperkwhole town including outskirts within four days. After 10 years, the town got over came the other unfortunate event – the witchcraft proceedings enlarged in place. As a consequence, 50 citizens were sent to the stake.

Anyway, in second half of 19th century, Šumperk got a big development, thanks to textile industry.

To popular tourist targets belongs Háj look-out-tower (631 m), placed not far from city centre. Other places of interest: Church of st.Barbara, Church of St.Spirit, castle (now it does not remember it), town´s fortificatiom, plague column.

Local natives: Aleš Valenta, sportsman, acrobatic skier.


Photo:, Pudelek, Miloš Miličevič, Radek Bartoš, Lukáš Bocan


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