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SK, Bardejovske Lazne – Ten Reasons to Go

Published: 21.5.2017
When facing a decision where one should spend a curative stay or simply enjoy his free time, there are numerous possibilities what to do. So, how one can choose the best? We give you 10 reasons why to go to Bardejovske Lazne.

1. Ten Healing Springs 

Bardejovske Kupele have ten springs altogether. These springs are situated on a small area of inner baths. Eight of these springs are redirected to roofed colonnade - the only one its kind in Slovakia. People can have balneotherapy in form of liquid treatment. The mineral water of Bardejov is said to have healing effects. It is feebly or moderately mineralized Herkules is the most popular spring of these spas. It is the most mineralized spring in Slovakia. Moreover, it is one of the most important springs in Central Europe.

Bardejovske Kupele 

2. The Broadest Indication            

In Bardejovske Kupele, basically all diseases (apart from mental and dermatological) are cured there. There cured oncological diseases, circulatory system diseases, digestive system diseases, metabolism diseases, endocrne system diseases, non-tuberculosis diseases of respiratory system, professional diseases, kidney diseases, urinary system diseases, muscular system diseases, and feminime diseases. Neural diseases treatment was added in 2013.

Bardejovské kúpele 

3. Broad Offer of Spa and Wellnes Services

Basic treatments are offered in high-tech Balneocenter. You can walk there in slippers only and it is accessible from three main spa hotels through corridors. Outdoor pool is available during the season. However, the Wellness Spa in Ozon Hotel is the most popular attraction. It includes water attractions – recreational pool with rides, and a children pool with rides – and sauna world. The latter consists of all kinds of saunas – dry, steam, herbal, infrasauna, tepidarium, Kneipp treatmens etc. Even Hotel Alexander offers wellness. Its wellness operation is somewhat smaller than at Ozon Hotel. However, hotel guests have wellness included in their stay.

Bardejovské kúpele - wellness 

4. Rich History

These belong to the oldest spa in Slovakia. Its tradition of offering spa services is among the oldest in the country as well. The very first evidence of the existence of Bardejovske Kupele comes from the year 1247. Then Hungarian King Bela gave the town of Bardejov the region of the present spa town including its healing springs. These spas have been among the most popular spa in the world. Empress Elizabeth of Austria known as Sisi, the wife of Franz Joseph I. spent a curative stay here in 1895. You can see her statue in the spa park. Even Emperor Joseph II of Austria stayed there (1783) as well as Marie Louise, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte (1809), Russian Tzar Alexander I (1821), Polish Queen Maria Kazimiera Sobiska, the wife of Polish King Jan III Sobieski.

Bardejovské kúpele 

5. Only Here You Can Feel as if You Were Empress Sisi Herself

Empress Sisi suite is availabe for affordable price and is situated in recently renovated Hotel Alzbeta. There you go back in time when Empress Elizabeth (known as Sisi) of Austria and Hungary stayed here for a treatment in 1895. There is a large terrace right above the entrance to the hotel giving amazing vista over the spa town. Sisi Royal Apartment has beautiful Italian furniture, and other luxurious features. Moreover, guests can visit Sisi's room which is sort of a little museum. The entrance is charged at the reception desk. There are photos and paintings of the empress in her room. There is beautiful wooden furniture inspired by furniture in Hofburg. Also, wide range of literature is available here related to Sisi, her family, Bardejovske Kupele, souvenirs, fashion jewellery, medalions, etc.

muzeálny apartmán Sisi 

6. Culture and Entertainment 

Bardejovske Kupele is popular destination for people who seek curative stays, recreation stays, or they love culture. Among traditional events is the launch of the season, Spa Days, International Music Summer, Elizabeth's Day, Beer Festival, Wine Festival, regular classical music concerts on the promenade, exhibitions of flowers, paintings, reliefs, and other.

Bardejovské kúpele - podujatia 

7. Oasis of Health and Relax 

The spas are situated in beautiful and quiet environment remote to any industrial area or cities. The town is surrounded by conifer and decidious tree forests. If visitors are lazy to do sports or baths they can visit a cinema, restaurants, or the open air museum of folk architecture. People who prefer sports can play tenis on one of six local courts, enjoy squash, petanque, minigolf, or rent a bike. Construction of a 9-hole golf course is currently on the way. Also, Cierna Mlaka nature trail is another very popular spot.
Bardejovské kúpele - turistika 

8. Medical Care, Professional and Caring Personnel

The spas are really high-quality mdeical facility equipped with modern machines, experts in medicine, and qualified personnel. Therefore, the clients can enjoy not only baths but also perfect medical care.


9. Bardejov - A UNESCO TOWN

Bardejovske Kupele offer guided tours to Bardejov which is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia. There tourists can see Radnicne Square that comoposes the heart of the city and is lined with amazing Gothic town houses, and St Giles basilica. Slnecny Majer, an agrotouristic facility in Stebnicka Huta, and Zborov Castle are another  points of interest worth visiting. A circular nature trail runs from Bardejovske Kupele and goes around Zborov Castle.


10. Modern Incentive and Congressional Travel

Incentive travel is a modern form of motivation and reward of employees, managers, business partners, collaborators, or top clients. Its itdea is to make custom project for particular clients. Bardejovske Kupele create such custom programs for the most affordable price. The town is great place for congresses, conventions, company trainings, business meetings, banquets, teambuildings, workshops, presentations, business, or recreational stays, family stays, family celebrations, and weddings.

hotel Alexander (kongresové centrum) 

Source and photo: Bardejovské kúpele a.s.

Edited by: Infoglobe editorial staff

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