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SK, Hniezdne – Nestville Park

Published: 1.11.2017
Today we will travel to northeastern Slovakia, to a place close to Stara Lubovna. To the town of Hniezdne. Here you may find a tourist attraction which you would hardly see anywhere else around here.

This village of Slavic origin was founded in the year 1286. Its name translates as nenst. Why? This we haven't found out. Perhaps because strokes laid eggs here every year. But who knows? Sigismund of Luxembourg granted the town the privileges of a free royal town in 1412. Different craftsmen gathered here regularly. For instance, they made the altars in St Bartholomew's church.

Nestville Park – compound

Nestville Park – compound   Nestville Park – compound

When walking down the streets you may encounter two-story town houses. Some have wall paintings on them. Notice the building of old school or the town hall. We found out that formerly there was a hospital and a spa. These were situated close to the town in Mladeze valley, a short valley in the Levocska uphills. In the present, a marked tourist trail runs across this location.
Nestville Park – gallery

Nestville Park – gallery   Nestville Park

However, none of the aforementioned landmarks was our main goal. We were heading to the outskirts of Hniezdne, to Nestville Park, which is sort of a gateway to one of the most beautiful regions in Slovakia.

Nestville Park –entrance gate

This distillery also features historic galleries showing local crafts and skills of people living in the region. You will go through the history of crafts related to distillery. In addition to tour guide's commentary, you can have a group photo or mint your own memorial coin. You will graduate to the modern era. That means that you will see the alcohol production facility where production techniques are showcased. Then you will enter the Woodcarving Hall. Here you may see the largest carved image in Europe. It is a masterpiece amde by local woodcarvers. It depicts the way of life in this town in the 13h century. Here in this very room you will taste the very first Slovakian whisky Nestville as it ripens here in wooden barrels. Towards the end of a tour you will visit a souvenir shop selling amazing items and snacks.

Nestville Park

Nestville Park – warehouses   Nestville Park – sklady

The compound is sort of a memorial to the oldest documented distillery. It is described  in historical documents and it was situated near Castle Lubovna. The foundations remain below the castle. Nestville Park expands. Despite modern manufacturing and production the company adheres by folks traditions of the northern Spis.

Nestville Park – distillery

Nestville Park – woodcarving   Nestville Park – whisky in barrels

It is not that long since they have opened the kingdom of chocolate. This is an attraction luring people from all around Europe, not solely Slovakia. We enjoyed our time in Hniezdne and Nestville Park.

Nestville Park – souvenir shop

If you plan your trip well, you can visit some of the events which happen here throughout the year. These will leave you with memories long to remember.

GPS: 49°18'04.4"N 20°38'25.7"E


Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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