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Spain, Ibiza – Traveling Around the Island II

Published: 3.9.2021
Our next goal when traveling around the island is the place called Atlantis and the Ses Salines National Park.

Atlantis can not be found on any official Ibiza maps. It was discovered by hippies and many try to find it. We did not do it for the first time, but for the second time, we were more successful. With mythical Atlantis, this place has nothing in common except the name. It is an old quarry at the foot of a cliff opposite Es Vedra. However, getting to this gem gets easier on the way back as you walk 30 minutes downhill, where you have to stop, and then you go about 40 minutes back up. I definitely recommend to have solid shoes. Already on the way to Atlantis, you will experience a very spiritual atmosphere in the form of stones made of spirals, mounds, various statues and sculptured heads into the rock.

cesta k Atlantisu   Atlantis

Atlanis   lezcká skála u Atlantisu

There are even some paintings on the rocks. One can keep his eyes on it. As we descended a bit below, we turned back and looked at the great rock we had been going through before. When we were finally downstairs, we put down our backpacks and went for a bath. Bathing can be done either in artificialpondsorinthesea. We have chosen the sea. After such a difficult descent it was very refreshing. On the way back we decided to climb on the rock (do not do it without equipment), we stared for a moment and went on. 

Atlantis a výtvory hippies   kresby na stěnách Atlantisu

Our next stop was the Ses Salines National Park. On the way, however, we came across an interesting place that we swiftly passed through. Probably some hippies live here. They created beautiful statuettes and various altars here. It was a very mysterious place. But to not to disturb anyone, we just made some photos and went on to Ses Salines. The National Park is located in the southeastern part of the island and is unique due to its unique ecosystem.

tajemné místo   sochy z kamene u tajemnho místa hippies

The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. This locality is characterized by rich fauna and flora and includes the south of Ibiza, the island of Formentera and other small islands between them. Here are salt panes or saline. So salt has become one of the most important industries for this island. Another interesting attraction here is the Beach of Ses Salines - a sandy beach lined with dunes and pine trees. On the way here we find various rock formations that create the atmosphere of a private beach. There are also lots of bars and dance floors here. And the atmosphere is complemented by aircraft that are just a bit above you.

flight over Ses Salines   salinas

night view at salinas

Ibiza excited me very much for its reckless atmosphere. At every corner there is some curiosity and a completely different life. The city lives with music and spectacular discos such as Pacha and Amnesia, while on the beaches you enjoy the sunset again. There's just something for everyone here.

GPS: 38°47'37.9"N 1°25'04.1"E


Text a foto: Kateřina Janovská

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