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CZ: Rokytnice - From Dept To Prosperity - VIDEO

Published: 11.10.2011
About Rokytnice nad Jizerou was spoken about as the most indebted city of Czech republic a few years ago. Today is this town overshadowed by Lysá Hora, the most visited one of Krkonoše mountains.


Rokytnice nad Jizerou spent lots of money to built the lift to Lysa Hora, the Town Hall due to risky business came under the criticism. The city, which is only one in the Czech Republic pulled lift up to first zone of Krkonose National Park area, threatening bankrupt. Now, after a few years, a similar threat has moved a few miles away to near Harrachov, Rokytnice while on became a very popular destination for skiers, bikers and tourists. Also, the summer season, it is very nice in Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Seems that the much-discussed investment to have paid off finally.

To the top by lift or walk

Region scented by mountain air and beautiful nature. Four - seats lift ending near the cottage Lovčenka works during the summer. It runs once per hour. To the top gets everyone, who wants and has the ticket - grandma, grandpa, dogs but mostly bikers, who over the summer somehow "substitute" skiers. Rokytnice bike downhill leads on slope, where mainly children and beginners ski in winter, after it will bring cyclists directly under the lift. There is waiting for them a lot of artificial and natural jumps, roots, and just everything want pure mountain nature can twist under the foot, in this case under the wheels.



It is strange to see the hills, about which in the winter you know where are bumps or ski jumpers, overgrown with grass showing through here and there flowers of alpine plants. Ski slopes without snow looks respectable. The slopes look much more steeply than when hidden under snow. Pubs and SKI bars, which are usually full of people in the winter, now are quietly resting. In the summer Rokytnice always turns into a completely different place where is the endless silence, peace and lots of scents of nature.



From Rokytnice up to the mountains

Rather than staying downtown which somewhere reminiscent of the alpine village is worth step you up the mountains - stop at the famous and ever-busied cottage Dvoracky and then go towards Poland and the on the way to greet spring Elbe and also see probably the worst looking monster mountain - Labská shed.

Spring of Labe can be rewarding and also educational stop. Especially children, whose fantasy works incredibly well, are usually disappointed when looking for a place to which looked forward a lot. Also, some adults stares a little surprising at the start of the most important Czech river. "I thought that there will be water sprayed from the ground and this is also something as well," the older man wonders. Then give the kids chocolate wafer and pose with the stone walls with coats of arms of cities through which the river flows. "We make our way to the Labska shed, and even then we'll see," he plans his family next aim of journey.

If the spring of the Elbe could be for someone boring spectacle, so he will be more satisfied when looking at the Elbe shed. The Communists had not disappointed even here in the mountains. Above the peaks of the Krkonoše sticking their megalomaniacal project - and apparently indestructible concrete shed Elbe. To the surprise of passers-by stayed open in the summer. Lady employed in the kiosk looks so busy, even though also at a premium mountain Labe majority of goods sold exceeds 300 percent.



Rokytnice nad Jizerou is an ideal centre for walks in charming mountain nature and in the winter, not the queues, perfect ski resort, where he works about three dozen lifts, including two chair lifts.

Rokytnice stays a place, where is still far from commerce fortunately, it is friendly and the prices are not absurdly trying to approach the Alps. People, who live there or work seasonally, are close to each other. Equally, however, treat the visitors to the city, willingly and pleasantly. It seems that Rokytnice finally transferred over all the initial problems and now is primed for good times.


 Text/Photo/Video: Klára Svobodová

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