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SK, Prievaly: A Village with Hidden Treasure - VIDEO

Published: 25.10.2021
In the western part of the Slovak Republic, more precisely in the district of Senica, there is the village of Prievaly, which is 34 kilometers away from Malacek and 68 kilometers from the capital. The village became famous for finding treasures in the form of gold and silver coins when demolishing local buildings. You can see part of the so-called Treasure of the Prival Inn in the collections of the Slovak National Museum.

But the real treasure of this picturesque mountain village located on the historic Czech Way (Via Bohémia) is the surrounding nature, whether the Rudava Protected Area, the Small Carpathians Protected Bird Area or in the form of local peat bogs, swamps, large dunes of blown sands, several ponds and beautiful hills. mountains of the Little Carpathians. But it is also necessary to remember the monuments of the village itself, which we will set out to discover in the following lines. 


On the edge of the village by the road to Plavecký Petr, there is an undated granite Stone Cross with a glazed niche in an iron enclosure. In the middle of the village is again situated Statue of St. Florián, which was founded in 1779 on a stone pedestal. In its vicinity, by the main road, there is an undated cast iron cross on a brick pedestal in a mesh enclosure.

Prievaly - Socha svatého Floriána

Prievaly - přícestní Kamenný kříž Prievaly - Litinový kříž

As in almost every village or town, there is also a Monument to the Fallen in the First World War, which was built by the village of Prievaly in 1939. Above the sculpture of a stilling and dying soldier is a statue of Christ on a separate pedestal. Here you will also find the Monument to the Red Army (a tombstone in the shape of an obelisk), who fell during the liberation of the village.

Prievaly - Pomník padlých ve válkách

Prievaly - Pomník osvobození obce Prievaly - Sloup hanby

The dominant feature of the Prievals is certainly the Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel, completed in 1756. This Baroque single-nave building stands on the site of an older church, has a polygonal sanctuary of a triangular end, a tower and a sacristy on the left side of the church. Around the church there is currently a relatively low late Renaissance defensive wall. On the facade of the church is the Mission Cross and the courtyard is decorated with a wooden chapel with a statue of the Virgin Mary behind glass. There are also several wooden benches for rest, prayer and self-reflection.

Prievaly - Kostel svatého Michala Archanděla

Prievaly - Misijní kříž Prievaly - Kaplička Panny Marie

There are three monuments in front of the church enclosure. The first of these is the Baroque Column of Shame from the 18th century, which was declared a National Cultural Monument in 1963. The second monument is the Stone Cross dating from 1801 and the third is Pieta on a higher pylon from 1934. 

Prievaly - Kamenný kříž před kostelem

After leaving the church grounds, we stop for a moment at the Šandorfský šenk hospitality building, which includes a brewery founded in 2011 with a beer spa focused on relaxation and well-being.

Prievaly - Šandorfský šenk

We end our walk through the village of Prievaly by stating that it retains its rural character, values its folk art, customs and folklore, which creates favorable conditions for the development of tourism. At the same time, thanks to the number of marked hiking trails and natural attractions in the vicinity, it is an ideal starting point for every tourist enthusiast, so do not hesitate and go on a trip.


GPS: 48°33'23.8"N 17°20'57.0"E

Text, photos, and video: Pavol Jemala, Slovensko zdola

Music: Pixabay.com, Bossa Nova Piano Instrumental Brasil - 5732

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