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India: Karnataka, Gokarna – A Sleepy Temple Town

Published: 22.6.2020
Do you need to rest and recover from India's intense chaos? Embark on a quiet paradise. Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Karnataka with a newly discovered center for lovers of beaches and hippies.

Gokarna is often referred to as an alternative to Goe and is currently emerging as one of the hottest destinations among travelers. Gokarna became attractive mainly for the younger generation. It is famous mainly for its beaches and temples. This small temple town is located on the west coast of India in the Kumta Valley. Gokarna is not very well known and its beaches are designed for a quiet holiday with a relaxed atmosphere. The rocky coast offers pleasant tourist opportunities and one of them is several important temples. Gokarna offers relaxation as well as adventurous experiences.

druhá největší socha Šivy na světě

The main beach is the most important place. Not because of its beauty, but because all the pilgrims come here to visit the Mahabeleshwar Temple, which was dedicated to the god Ganesha. Another famous temple is Murudeshwara. Kudlee Beach is the best place to visit Gokarna in terms of accommodation. Watching the sunset on the beach is a very relaxing and satisfying experience. The most popular place to visit in Gokarna is the beach in the shape of the sacred syllable Óm, If you climb a hill or one of the rocky cliffs, you will clearly see the symbol Óm, thanks to which this beach became so famous. It is especially suitable for those who love a beautiful beach lined with palm trees with plenty of facilities in the vicinity.

Murdeshwar Beach   západ slunce

výhled na pláž Gokarna    stádečka krav na pláži Kudle

Gokarna has a small market for fresh fruit and vegetables. It is also a great place to buy souvenirs. As in Goa, flea markets are held here, where you will also find handmade products and souvenirs from locals. There are also many stalls where they make jewelry and decorative items from shells. The most popular souvenirs include brass lamps, prayer beads, picture frames, incense sticks, jewelry or seashells. If you enjoy hiking, consider the Gokarna beach trek, known as the Golden Trail. It is an 8-kilometer trail connecting the beaches of Gokarny. Kudlee Beach is a short walk from Paradise Beach. Much of the trek runs along the shores of the Arabian Sea with beautiful ocean views. At times, the beach turns into rocky and hilly sections that require a little climbing, but it's not difficult that you can't handle. Suitable shoes are sandals that can get wet. For yoga lovers, there are several different yoga centers where you can sign up for either a one-day lesson or a several-day course.

ručně vyráběné suvenýry

GPS: 14°31'13.6"N 74°19'25.1"E

Text and photos: Andrea Meluzínová

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