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Slovenia: Triglav National Park

Published: 27.5.2017
Triglav National Park is one of the most popular spots in Slovenia. Its name comes after country's highest mountain which is located within the park. Tourists mostly take short trips or climb up the very mountain. It is strictly forbidden to take a one day trip up to Triglav's peak, staying over night is also forbidden (and only allowed in mountain cabins). The hike is very difficult. You can take it from different directions though.

jezero Bohinj

The southern route goes across Triglav Lakes which makes it easier for beginners. The northern route is steeper. I don't enjoy mass tourism, therefore we avoided the peak of Triglav. We planned to go around the mountain by crossing Kranjska Gora. However, the vista over the mountain range from Mojstrana village situated above the Sava Dolinka river was fascinating. Soon we were riding through the beautiful valley of Vrata leading to the northern slopes of Triglav. The Triglavska Bystrica river running through the valley was absolutely captivating. The valley is 11,5 kilometers long. But you can hardly see anything because the road runs through thick forest. There is a small parking lot for 2 euros per car in the middle of the route. Soon, the Pericnik waterfall opens in front of you. The waterfall is 52 meters long. The water falls steeply down in between rocks. You can get there after only couple of minutes hiking. What is peculiar about it is that you can walk behind it. Don't forget to have a waterproof jacket with you for water falls in drops from the rock behind the watefall. Make a stop here as it is amazing to simply watch what is happening before you. Towards the end of the route, there appear houses with beautiful gardens and mountains in the background. The route ends at the parking lot. Walk around its gate. Soon a huge massif appears in all its glory.

Peričnik waterfall

Aljazev Dom cabin is situated right before te northern slope of the gigantic Traiglav. The reception is situated next ot the cabin inside a small souvenir store. Don't get frightened when seeing the direction boards – 5 hour hike, 6 hour hike... its perfectly normal here. Many tourists set out from here to climb Triglav and the mountains around (especially those who prefer being alone in the mountains). From there you can also get a glimpse of the peak of the massif. 

the vista over Triglav

However, you need return back in your car across the valley. Then you can travel east to Bled town or west to Kranjska Gora. Let's see the both. Bled is a town you must see It is situated close the a lake of the same name. It's amazing to take a swim in this lake – water is absolutely crystal clear, ducks, amazing surroundings, a castle nearby, boats etc. 8 euros for parking for a day is a regular price. You pay this sum even if you just take a swim and then go back. There are wooden beams just below the surface so people can sit while in the water. There are many more things to do around here – you can pay for a boat trip to the island (an old will paddle all the way to the island). Alternatively, you can rent an own boat (starting price is 15 euros) or paddleboard (8 euros for a day). If you are not interested, simply find a spot to lay your towel on and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Also, I recommend you to stop by at a cake shop to try kremsnite, it is a local specialty consisting of cream between slices of puff pastry.

Bled lake

Vintgar gorge is another beautiful place inside the park. The gorge is situated on the Radovna river. It is, however, not so easy to access it. Better gather some information at the visitor center. From Bled you go to Spodnje Gorje and Fortuna, then to Vrse village. A free parking lot is situated before the gorge. It costs 4 euros per person to enter the gorge. The scenic route is 1.6 kilometers long and ends by beautiful pool and a waterfall. When returning, you can either take the same route or cross the adjacent hill. Water in the river is clear which makes it a great stop along the way. Be sure to stop there.

a pool below Vintgar gorge

soutěska Vintgar   průzračná voda soutěsky Vintgar

GPS: 46°22'44.9"N 13°50'02.5"E

Text and photos: Martina Brožková

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