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The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
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186 km

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Look Out Tower Hýlačka By Tábor
Locality type:
Lookout tower
Tábor district

This look out tower is situated in South Bohemia near to the community of Větrovy, 4 kms distant of the town of Tábor. The building is placed in an altitude of 525 m of sea level, its height is 18 metres.

The plans for look-out-tower construction were made out by Professor of Prague Technical University, Theodor Petřík, in 1918. It was open for public on 27th June 1920, under name of Liberty Look Out Tower. It is wooden building, covered with shingles in a form of Hussite watch-tower, so, it units symbol with town´s history. During 2nd World War, it was used by German troops as an observe point of air protection. After war was over, the building was reconstructed, since 1967 served as look out tower, later it was taken by Svazarm Club. In 1990, the building was returned back to Bohemian Tourists´ Club and open for public. In 2005, the external surface had to be repaired again.

From this look out tower, you can enjoy marvellous view around Tábor countryside.

Opening time period: In community of Větrovy, you find easily a self-service shop. Just opposite, there is situated a small house, where is fixed a plan/picture how to get to house No. 56. Mr. Šedivý loans you the key and shows where to go.

Open time: daily since 10:00 h till 17:00 h


Text: Lenka Fortinová

Photo: Google


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