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River Lužnice - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
flow length:
186 km

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Třeboň Circle
Locality type:
Cycling of curve
Jindřichův Hradec district

Your excursion could be started in the town of Třeboň. You drive through Svinenska and Novohradska Gates, across a road towards Svět Pond. You drive along a pier to a park, where Schwarzemberg Tomb is hidden. You continue ahead, along a pier of Opatovice Pond, using marked route of cycling education path „Around Třeboň“. You cross Zlatá stoka (Gold Sewer) and arrive towards a cross-road with Paradise Way, coming to railway stop Chlum u Třeboně. The road in direction to the community of Chlum leads you, via bridge over Lužnice-river, you turn to the left after a while, and on crossroad „Kosky“, and along marked cycling route No.1010 you drive along very nice section, passing piers of Kukla, Nový and Starý Kanclíř, arriving up to the community of Lutová. From here, you follow cycling route No.1035 up to the community of Stříbřec, and continue ahead up to another village of Stará Hlína. You continue your drive, following Nová řeka (New River) stream, and cross it (via Stříbřecký Bridge). Here, you pass a monument, dedicated to artist Ema Destinnova.

Next section is very magic. Small road leads you among ponds, such as Vyšehrad and Stolec, Nový and Starý Vdovec. In the community of Stará Hlína, you leave cycling educational route „Around Třeboň“, as there is a must - to have a look on greatest pond - Rožmberk.

From Stará Hlína, you continue your drive, following blue marked tourist trail towards game-keeper´s house of Smitka. Here, you turn to the left, following red marked tourist trail up to the pier. From pier-edge, you continue straight ahead, cross railway line and continue, following main road, cycling route No. 1034, via communities of Přeska and Břidlice, back to Třeboň.

Route length: 46 kms

Character: this route has a middle stage of difficulty


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