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Vltava river is created by confluence of Teplá (Warm) and Studená (Cold) Vltava in a natural preserve Mrtvý luh near to the community of Nová Pec in Bohemian Forest.
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430 km

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CZ: Hluboká Nad Vltavou - A Part Of England In South Bohemia - VIDEO
Published: 12.7.2011
Hluboká, South Bohemia, belongs to such localities where it is worth to have a stop. The reason is simple: it is snow-white palace above Vltava-river. The builders of this mansion house let to be inspired by England.

CZ: Český Krumlov - A Disneyland For Foreigners - VIDEO
Published: 5.7.2011
Český Krumlov belongs to most beautiful towns of the Czech Republic. The locality is spreaded on slopes of Blanský les, and downstairs, in deep valley, Vltava-river is flowing.

CZ: Roztoky - A Refuge Of Prague Inhabitants - VIDEO
Published: 5.4.2011
Who visited Roztoky few years ago, he would hardly recognize this place, situated along left bank of Vltava-river, again. Except a castle (which keeps its original form within centuries), the community widespreaded in very unusual way within last couple of years.

Nelahozeves - Rather Snob Comunity - VIDEO
Published: 18.5.2010
Small village which could be proud on local most beautiful chateau of Renaissance style is, at the same time, a birthplace of Antonin Dvořák, phenomenal musical composer.

Charles Bridge In Prague
Published: 1.5.2010
Charles Bridge is the oldest existing bridge over Vltava (Moldau) river and the second oldest preserved bridge of Czech Republic.

Lipno - Czech Sea Full Of Dragons - VIDEO
Published: 18.2.2010
Who would intend to plan his holidays in summer only, so he would loss a lot of pleasure. So, when it is not too cold, as in this year, the water level will change into a space, hidding unprecedented possibilities.

Český Krumlov
Published: 24.1.2008
The name of Krumlov comes probably from German name of Krumme Aue (Curved Meadow-Land), referring to the position of town among ace-formed bendings of Vltava-river.

Hluboká nad Vltavou
Published: 22.1.2008
The town of Hluboká nad Vltavou (4500 inhabitants) is situated north of České Budějovice on left bank of Vltava river. It was founded in the middle of 13th century by Přemysl Otakar II. Originally community, named Podhrad, was in 1496 raised to small town.

České Budějovice
Published: 18.11.2007
The town of České Budějovice is situated on confluence of rivers of Vltava and Malše.The town is an important railway as well as road junction, and important centre of education. In a south direction there is the Protected Natural Area of Blanský les.The name of the town is derived from the community of Budivojovice.

Lenora - Nová Pec - Watterman's travelling
Published: 25.10.2007
The upper flow of the river Vltava, the river- section between Horní Vltavice-Lenora and Nová Pec, becomes always more popular and looked up sector not only of watermen but also of tourists making a pleasure of their walks through Šumava (Bohemian Forest) also by one-day lasting water-travelling.

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