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SK: Ruzomberok: Trip in the City

Published: 20.11.2014
On our way from Orava, we planned to transfer to the capital. As we arrived couple of hours agead, we decided to put our luggage to a luggage room. The time we had we used for a short walk in the center of the second most important town in the region of Liptov.

We hadn’t been in Ruzomberok for couple of years. The city had changed since our last visit. Improved pedestrian area, new buildings and cleaner air – this would consists our major impressions. On our way back from the train station, thanks to its colorful, ornamental decoration one of the most beautiful in Slovakia, we stumbled upon a tourist direction board. It lured us to the trips to Likavka castle, the top of the Stredni Polana, or the towns of Bešeňová or Korytnica. As we had no tourist equipment, we continued across the Vah to the city center.
Ružomberok - železniční nádraží

Ružomberok - turistický směrovník  Ružomberok - řeka Váh

Soon we were in the pedestrian area lined with historic building mostly with shops. Perhaps the most important street is Mostova Street, one of the oldest in the city as well as the so called Kordosovsky house No 6 and a folk bank that has an unusual stuka decoration; or Podhora Street with the houses of important Slovak revivalists.
Ružomberok – centrum                     Ružomberok – centrum                     Ružomberok – centrum                     Ružomberok - Kulturní dům

Interesting addition to our walk were artistic works of stone in the middle of some streets and squares. We liked distinctive “modern” building of the A Hlinka’s Culture House. He gave his whole fortune to build the house. Andrej Hlinka is closely related to Ruzomberok. He was born there (he was born in Cernova, a part of Ruzomberok today), work part of his life there, and is buried there. This important Slovak figure is visible on the A. Hlinka’s square. There is a dignified statue, or a mausoleum where his body laid in the years 1941-1945. Today this place is a national cultural heritage. A road from two sides leads to this memorial. One side the Školské Steps with balustrade, and a statue depicting St Joseph with a baby.
Římsko-katolický kostel sv. Ondřeje, mauzoleum, Školské schody

památník Andreje HlinkyŠkolské schody - pohled na město

Marina Column made in 1858 is located on Andrej Hlinka’s square as well as historic tree alley with Art Noveau town houses. The same square boasts with a beautiful town hall in the Neorenaissance style built in 1897. The town municipality resides in the building. Right to the town-hall is the Roman-Catholic Church of St Ondrej , the most distinct landmark in the town. It is interesting that the stained glass in the south nave was authored by Ludovit Fulla, a distinct national artist. This world famous artist, founder of modern art in Slovakia, has a gallery in the town. There his life’s work accessible to the public. We did not visit it, yet we walked around a evangelic church. Part of its interior consists of rare altar painting by P. M. Bohunova – former town school, and an interesting miner’s house. We got lost on the “non-existent” Panska street, where newly renovated Jewis synagogue was located which was built in 1880.
Ružomberok - radniceRužomberok - Mariánský sloup

Ružomberok - evangelický kostelRužomberok - židovská synagoga

We truly enjoyed Ruzomberok. We haven’t been in the town that would be so vertically diversified, and connected with narrow streets and stairs. We stopped for a while in a candy store. Our cake was great. Also, we visited a shopping mall. We managed to get back at the train station really on time.

The town of Ruzomberok is not a town of cellulose any more. It is also a town of nice places, and atmosphere. That’s why we recommend you to visit it.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

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