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USA: Las Vegas – City of Gambling

Published: 24.1.2014
Around Hollywood as well as around Las Vegas there are some myths which totally distort the reality of this desert gambling city.

Las Vegas is located in the south part of Nevada. There live about 600 thousand people.Las Vegas In a way, it is fascinating that a city of such proportions has grown in so inhospitable landscape.

Source of income of Las Vegas is gambling. In fact, you would hardly find a competition to this city in the whole United States of America. Its reputation began to gradually build up from 1931, when gambling was legalized. Especially at a time when relatively nearby competing cities such as Hot Springs, Arkansas, or Galveston, Texas, had to adapt to new laws that illegalized gambling.

The gambling industry in Las Vegas experienced big boost. Although the public often Las Vegas knew about the dubious reputation of many casino owners as they were associated with crime, many people were attracted to Vegas. In the mid-1950s years visited Las Vegas about 8 million people a year who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars.

At the end of the 1980s a new era of Las Vegas began. It was the so-called period of megaresorts, when Vegas as we know it today formed. There began construction of huge hotels within which they operate casinos. The first result of this new direction was hotel MirageLas Vegas built by Steve Wynn, a Wall Street a multi-millionaire ,which made him the "father of modern Las Vegas." Casino has 3044 rooms, which cost $ 630 million. Notice its windows glowing golden color. In 2005, Wynn opened a new hotel / casino, the price climbed to $ 2.7 billion and it stood as a new benchmark of luxury, with whom you can meet in Vegas.

Las Vegas Among other well known hotels include for example Venetian where you can see imitation of Venetian canals or you can take a gondola ride. Excalibur is a tasteless imitation of the mythical castle. Gigantic casino Ceasar's Palace then many of you will know from the movie Hangover .

When I arrived in Vegas, it was already dark, so from a distance I saw a light smog, which hotel-casinos produce. In the city itself, then all around me flashed me a dazzling posters and bright hotel.

Night Las Vegas is definitely something to himself and the whole pomp when I Las Vegas was walking along the strip, as it names the main boulevard, was used. I tried my luck at a few casinos, but of course I did not win.

Competition among casinos is huge, so that you can find in many hotels rooms at a very low price. However, the price is mainly due to the fact that in many hotels operates a casino where guests spend a considerable amount of money. For example, I went to the room $36 per night in a middle-class hotel/casino.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Pobrien301, Sam916, Bporter28, Stan Shebs, Lasvegaslover

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