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Kolín - The Town Of History, Music...

Published: 4.5.2010
Kolín´s square is well arranged, with the fountain and, plague pillar in the centre, or several kiosks with fruit, vegetable and flowers which are placed around. To tell the truth, hardly anybody is in hurry.


Spacious Charles Square is surrounded with houses in Baroque style. From one part, white arcades are decorated, just opposite, you can find Town Hall in Neo-Renaissance style. And this fairytale atmosphere is completed with spring sunshines. And, as it is well known fact that fairytales do not calculate with parking cars. And if so, you have to pay for a fee there as in any other town. Frankly speaking, Kolín, where nearly 30 thousands of inhabitants are living, does not miss, except tube and trams, nearly anything.

Square, Plaque column and Town hallsmall street near St. Bartholomew churchTown hall

Arcade of Kolín square

Independent Kolín

You can find there a church, museum, cinema, theatre, and many pubs. Even discos, electric power stations or factories do not miss. Historical city nucleus is very picturesque. Since 1989, this historical quarter was declared as monuments´ reservation.

St. Bartholomew Church is majestically rising over the town. The building is of early Gothic style, constructed just within second half of 13th century, Anyway, the reconstruction came one hundred years later. If the church is surprisingly resembling Prague´s architectonical jewels, you are not mistaken. Petr Parléř participated on construction of Kolín´s Church. This builder gave the face, for instance, to Charles Bridge, St.Vitus Cathedral in Prague and several other important monuments. Local museum is to be found not far distant from St.Bartholomew Church.

Local museumView from the bridgeChurch of St. Bartholomew

Church of St. Bartholomew

Jewish Kolín

Local citizens could be proud on the second oldest Jewish cemetery in Bohemia. The oldest one, where Rabbi Low is buried, you find in Prague. The bases of Kolín Jewish cemetery, where Rabbi Low son is buried, were put at the beginning of 15th century. The cemetery was used for funerals till 1887. Inside the space, approx. 2600 tombs are placed.

Kolín and Kmoch

When walking from historical nucleus towards Elbe-river, you discover a lot of buildings, interesting from architectonical point of view, such as Grammar School building or Business Academy building. However, the house where lived and worked František Kmoch, musical composer, (most important figure of Czech wind instruments music), is not too interesting, with exception of small table, reminding his stay there. It is standard general tenement house, situated at the end of Kutnohorská street.

House where František Kmoch lived

„Kolín, Kolín, you are situated inside nice plain!“ - these are the words o famous Kmoch´s sing, known by everybody in Kolín. Just since 1962. each summer, local citizens remind a memory of famous musical composer with wind-instruments´ festival. Small island in the middle of Elbe-river, bears the name of this famous person. Here, you can find also his statue.

Industrial Kolín

In distance of  several hundreds of meters from idyllical  street, where F. Kmoch´s house is situated, you can find wide bridge. And just in its neighbourhood, high red-white factory chimney is rising. The bridge overarches not only Elbe-river but also several railway lines. Across the bridge, from industrial zone to historical nucleus, thousands of vehicles are streaming daily up and down. However, their speed and noise cuts you, for sure, from your meditations, regarding thoughts, how exactly passed the life in historical time period.

Industrial KolínRailway junction in KolínOld bridge over the Elbe river

Text: Klára Svobodová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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