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The river arises by a confluence of Rožnovská and Vsetínská Bečva in the town of Valašské Meziříčí
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61 km

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CZ, Prerov: LH Hotel Jana**** – Give a Rest As a Christmas Present
Published: 28.11.2019
What is the best Christmas present for a tourist? After all, a holiday voucher! Preferably to a nice hotel in an interesting place, which will not be boring even in bad weather. Want a tip? We have one particular!

CZ, Teplice nad Becvou – Aragonite Caves of Zbrasov
Published: 19.2.2017
During our last visit to Teplice nad Becvou, we saw the spa town, enjoyed its healing water, and made a trip to the deepest abyss in teh world - the Hranice Abyss. Yet we skipped a visit to another unique phenomenna in Europe. This one is even a national nature landmark.

CZ, Teplice nad Becvou – A Spa Amids Rich Nature
Published: 7.12.2016
Not a long time ago we enjoyed the town of Hranice. Several hours of walk later we moved on. Again, we parked our in Teplice nad Becvou, one of the most important spa areas in the Czech Republic.

CZ, Hranice – A Town You Should See
Published: 20.11.2016
The Moravian Gate geomorphological unit has many interesting nooks in nature as well as interesting towns one of which Hranice is. This town is 23 kilometers awy from Prerov. Since the Prehistory it has been an important crossroad of various roads. History and modernity are both present in this town.

CZ, Prerov – The City Fortified by History
Published: 30.10.2016
Today we will roam around in Moravia, the region of Olomouc. We visit the city of Prerov, a great place for holidaymakers and also an imporant city in the region which is only 20 kilometers from Olomouc.

Lipník nad Bečvou
Published: 31.8.2008
Lipník nad Bečvou is an ancient town with 8500 inhabitants, situated in Přerov district, in heart of so called Moravská brána (Moravan Gate), forming line of communication of Regions Haná, Silesia and Walachia.

Published: 30.9.2007
The town of Přerov is situated in centre of Moravia in Upper-Noravia Dale, in southeastern direction of Olomouc, 22 kms distant from here, in an altitude of 210 m. River Bečva flows throughout the town. Přerov is, together with Olomouc, an important railway junction in Moravia.


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