River Mumlava - Czech republic

spring (source):
This river sources on northeastern slope of Kotel in Giant Mountains in an altitude of 1360 m of sea level.
flow length:
12 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:
The navigation of Mumlava river is depending on spring snow thaw. The  sufficient water stand is available later as on upper Jizera. The river bed was, in consequence of flooding, slightly changed, some foot-bridges destroyed, but the river-difficulty remained unchanged.
A minimal stand for descent of upper section is 90 cm at water register near to Janov saw-mill. For the lower section, it is better the register 110 cm, anyway, according to the experts´opinion, it would be better 120 cm. However, at water stand  160 cm the descent of this section is very difficult, some rollers do not let ahead. The lower section is suitable for experienced watermen only. However, it is necessary to secure some places (Podkova) from the bank. The upper section is very quick, the lower lasts longer period, for its necessity of checking and security.
The river sources on northeastern slope of Kotel in Giant Mountains in an altitude of 1360 m.
It flows mostly in western direction via harrachov up to its mouth to Jizera river. Its river basin makes 51 km² only. On its upper flow to Harrachov, Mumlava flows through narrow valley acorss many stages, cascades and water-falls (Mumlavský waterfall). At certain conditions, the river would be navigable, but this section belongs to protected area of water sources. However, the navigation is not allowed in this section: From ski-jumping bridges in Harrachov, it is possible to drive through 4-6 m wide stony river-bed and with great slope. Attention, from Černý most (Black Bridge) beginns the most difficult section with high stages and cascades, finishing at its confluence with Jizera-river.
It is possible in Harrachov, you find here also camping place.
Food supply:
The centre of this area is Harrachov where you find all necessary.
First aid:
It is available in health centre in Harrachov.
Places of interest:
Harrachov: it is a centre of this area.


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