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River Opatovice canal - Czech republic

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29 km

Basic information about river

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Water stages

The canal is navigable all year round. However, it could happen exceptionally that the bed is let out, owing to reconstruction works. The canal is descended mostly in autumn, as a farewell drive with a saison. The navigation speed does not exceed 5 kms in an hour.
It is an artificial flow which  set down  the surrounding countryside. It was founded in 16th century for ponds watering near Bohdaneč Spa. The canal turns away from Elbe near to weir at Opatovice,and  returns to Elbe near to Přelouč at Semín. Canal forms a hypotenuse of Elbe arch at Pardubice. It's flow directs to southwest. It flows throughout leafy forests via Elbe-plain and arises partially over surrounding terrain, and this is interesting for navigation.
We can meet an aquaduct or drive across a bridge. There are several weirs, mostly unpassable. The river-bed has its width of about 8 m, anyway it becomes nearer in some places. However, low foot bridges are quite unpleasant.
Access to the flow:
Suitable  places for navigation can be reached on the road in Opatovice, Čeperka, or Bohdaneč. Here, the upper section terminates. Normally, the navigation is finished in Semín at road bridge. The estuary back to Elbe is unpleasant, owing to not passable stage with concrete boards in a bed. The section Opatovice-Semín, or Čeperka-Semín is a navigation for the whole day, especially in autumn, when the dusk arrives earlier.
A suitable camping place can be found near Neratov and Bohdaneč Spa.
Food supply:

It is available in Opatovice, Čeperka, Lázně Bohdaneč (Bohdaneč Spa).
First aid:
It is available in health centres in Opatovice and Bohdaneč Spa.


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