River Torysa - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Levoča Highlands.
flow length:
91 km

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River description:

Torysa-river sources in the centre of Levoča Highlands, in western direction from the community of Toryska. At first, it flows to the north, later to the east, and finally, it turns, with great arch, to the south. This direction is maintained from Prešov up to its mouth into Hornád-river. Its river-bed takes 1350 km². The length of navigable part is 91 kms.

Torysa is navigable from the community of Lipany. It flows throughout wide valley, bordered from north by Čergov Highlands, and from south by Šariš Highlands. Its river-bed is overflowed into many shoulders, where the water streams quickly across many sandbanks and gravel banks. On some places, there are to be found fallen trees in river-bed. Below Prešov, the river flows betwen meadows, where creates many turnings and meandres. It passes Slánské Hills, the silhouette of which is formed by remote scope of this river section.

The envirnons of this river are calm, undisturbed, but quite monotony. There are appearing here many water birds, but also many unpleasant mosquitos.


It is available in the town of Sabinov.

Food supply:

It is available in Sabinov, Prešov and Drienov.

First aid:

It is available in Sabinov, Prešov and Drienov.

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