River Vrchlice - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in northern direction of the community of Štipoklasy in an altitude of 487 of sea level.
flow length:
29 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

Vrchlice river is navigable at high water level only, when the water  raids over the pier, and this is exceptional. The view on 40 m high pier with a raid is really imposing. The short section from pier to the pond is without problems. You have to carry over your boat to the left part, the descent of cascade is suitable for experienced  watermen only. The stream is quite quick, the low foot-bridges and  trees, as well as the trees laying in bed, are unpleasant. In spite of this, the navigation is quick. The river sources in northern direction  of the community of Štipoklasy, it flows to the north and northeast via Kutná Hora and mouths into Klejnárka near Nové Dvory. Its river basin makes 133 km². On its flow it was built (near to Malešov) the water basin Vrchlice, the only vaulted pier in Czech Republic. The section above the basin is in water-limited zone. The small river flows through narrow valley, its bed is stony, with laying trees there. This section is not descended. After Vrchlice basis, the valley is still enclosed and the river flows through forests up to Kutná Hora. Sortly before the dam, the river flows Velký Rybník. Its bed is stony, wide 5-10 m. At flow out of Velký Rybník there is – in its right flood-gate – a waterfall, the left side is passable (under optimal circumstances), but attention: the cascade reaches the difficulty stage WW IV+!  In Kutná Hora the river bed is embanked and the river flows smoothly to its mouth. Attention: the stages in town ccould be unpleasant.


You find it in Kutná Hora.

Food supply:

It is available in Kutná Hora.

First aid:

It is available in health centre in Kutná Hora.

Places of interest:

Kutná Hora: town´s preserved reservation, Gothic cathedral of St.Barbara of 14th century, a lot of further monuments.


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