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Austria, Burgenland: Rust – The City of Storks and Great Wine

Published: 25.3.2015
Beautiful summer days are the best to visit the picturesque town of Rust at the bank of Neusiedler See (Fert lake in Hungarian).

The town of Rust has about 1700 permanent residents. It is wide spread known as the town of storks and great wine. It is great to visit it in any time of the year. Yet summer is particularly great for storks and their babies. You can see stork nests on almost every other chimney. Interesting is that Rust has been awarded the most beautiful town of Burgenland since 2001. It is even in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
městečko Rust

Despite Rust is one of the small, myriads of tourist visit the town every year. Rust is really worth seeing!
městečko Rustměstečko Rust

Rust has a lot to offer

Some come here to get rest from daily routine. Others seek beautiful architecture which is represented by beautiful 16th-19th century town houses. Perhaps the most well-known building in the town is Fischerkirche . It was all combined what lured us in there. Beautiful nature represented by a steppe lake, and rich fauna and flora coupled with beautiful architecture and cuisine. Many cafes, inns, or restaurants offer great home cuisine. Local wines are really delicious for the geographic locationé.
městečko Rust - Rybí kostel (Fischerkirche)

Town full of experiences

Should you spend your vacation by doing activities, Rust is the place for you. All who love action vacation will enjoy it. Lake Neusiedl , a steppe lake, offer ideal condition for water sports – I don’t mean just any swimming or fun on water. Thanks for strength of wind, lovers of yachting, surfing, or kitesurfing will enjoy it there. If you don’t want to get wet and you don’t dare to sail on a boat alone (the lake is really large and it is easy to get lost there or to return to another harbor) I recommend you boat cruise which starts at Rust’s harbor. There are many bike trails around the town. Following these, you will get easily around this region. Those who love romantic hikes on small hills or just a get-together in cellars near wineyards will be enchanted by Rust. Even one day was enough for us to get this pleasant feeling and recharge our batteries for upcoming day in work.
přístav v Rustu      přístav v Rustu

přístav v Rustu

 Neusiedler lake cruise – Neusiedler lake

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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