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Italy, Dolomites – How I Fell in Love with Them III

Published: 27.9.2015
Due to bad weather we go to the Reinhold Messner – Firmian museum. It was opened in 2006 at Sigmundskron castle. I have to admit the castle is a great place to present the history of mountaineering.

You can find there many items Messner collected in his lifetime. Significant part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of mountaineering . Next you learn about famous mountaineers and those who sacrificed their life to mountains. You can see how mountaineer’s equipment has change. It is beyond belief what type of gear they had before.

věž Firmianna hradě Firmian

kavárna na hradě Firmianvybavení horolezce

Right during our visit, R. Messner prepares his 70th birthday party. I even had a chance to see it.

R. Messner

At the end, lets stop by at the capital of the region – Bolzano, které nás zaujme zejména svou architekturou.

The Dolomites is beautiful. If only the time hadn’t went so quick. We are on our last day, last trek. It is a beautiful trail in Tre Cime di Lavaredo area. The three Lavared peaks are the symbol of the Dolomites – Cima Grande, Cima Ovest a Cima Piccola. The three “teeth” as they call them lure tourist in in summer and winter.

Lavaredské štíty

The bus gets us all to Moso Moos village, the starting point. Unfortunately, the weather was far from being good. It is cloudy, low visibility. We walked around vast meadow off the parking lot. We were heading right to a restaurant. It is a nice start of the climb. Our guide told us we would climb 800 meters. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what this would mean. I was ill equipped. Soon I was at the group’s end. I couldn’t keep the pace. Fortunately, a small group joined me so the hike was better. I also made it thanks to trek sticks, a great thing.

 Rifugio A. Locatelli hut and Lavared peaks

I began to notice the surroundings enjoying the view. The road goes zigzag. Before every turn I hope there would be the peak. Fortunately, soong were at the hut. Yet the hut was the only thing we saw. I couldn’t see those impressive peaks through fog. However, I didn’t loose hope. I went to the hut to sit for a while. A part of our group was already in there.

I watched what had been happening outside. All of a sudden all clouds disappeared. Finally I could enjoy the view of Tre Cime. And it was worth it! I grabbed my camera immediately to take a the best picture. Near the restaurant is a small church. It is a place from where the pictures are the best. The view off the hut is also interesting. There I can observe Torre di Toblin (2617 m) and Paterno (2744 m) right behind it. Both are popular spot for able tourists. They get there usually by using ladders and ropes.

pod chatou Rifugio A. LocatelliTre Cime – panorama

I reached my climax for today. I saw three peaks for a short while. The weather was getting worse. We had to go back. Slowly we descend, the terrain was sometimes pretty tough. The rain intensified from time to time. Rocks are slippery so I had to watch out. I take only sevral pictures while trying to maintain some tempo and get to the place of start in time– Fondo Valle. Close to it, I met part of a group that had already finished the whole trail. A short stop followed with some refreshment. Then I quickly get to a night bus to get back to the Czech Republic

One thing is certain to me – the visit to the Dolomites sure isn’t the last one!

GPS: 46°37'06.5"N 12°18'18.0"E


Text and photo: Magdaléna Radostová



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