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The Jizera river sources in Poland round the border on slopes of Smrk and enters to the Czech territory at the altitude of 885 m of sea level.
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164 km

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CZ: Železný Brod
heading (paragraph): Cities
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Železný Brod is a town, not far from Giant Mountains, where Jizera-river flows through. It is a pleasant stop for all who are travelling to Giant Mountains, Jizerské Mountains or Bohemian Paradise. At present, the town, with its rich glass industry history, is inhabitated with more than six-and half thousands of inhabitants.

Photo: Klára Svobodová

CZ, Turnov-Dolanky: Dlask's Farm
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 22 pictures

National cultural heritae in Dolanky near Turnov is part of the Czech Paradise Museum. A one story lodge cottage with a hall, chamber, and agricultural compounds is equped with style. It will give you a great exhibition of folk architecture of the 18th century.

GPS: 50°36'10.732"N, 15°10'20.543"E

Text/photo: Monika Babická

CZ, Turnov: The Museum of Bohemian Paradise
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 38 pictures

The museum hiddes many historical collections and individual items. It is jewels and precious gems, mineralogy and geology collections and a vast exhibition of folk culture.

Text and photo: Monika Babická

CZ, Mlada Boleslav – Pride of Car Industry
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 43 pictures

Let's join us for a tour to Mlada Boleslav situated 50 kilometers northeast from Prague. There is a medieval castle, several historic squares, and artistic reliefs, the factory, and the museum of the world famous car company.
Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

CZ, Harrachov – Unique Museums
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 40 pictures

The mountain town of Harrachov, which is surrounded by the beautiful Giant Mountains, offers many tourist attractions. Whether it is a ski resort with ski jumps or traditional and sacred architecture, we can only recommend the walk. You should definitely visit the Ski Museum, which offers not only skis from more than 18 countries, but also countless related exhibits. The Museum of Glass must also be a compulsory stop, where you can see more than 120 years of tradition of glass processing and an extensive collection of glass-work products. You can end your visit at the local microbrewery.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: HIK, o.z.


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