River Ostružná - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Bohemian Forest near to Hadí vrch (Snake Hill) in an altitude of 938 m of sea level.
flow length:
39 km

Basic information about river

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River description:
Ostružná river is navigable during snow thaw in spring or after heavy rains. The navigability can be estimated on spot. With character of its river-bed, this river approaches to similar small rivers and brooks of Bohemia Forest countryside. The navigation speed does not exceed 5 kms in an hour.
This river sources in Bohemia Forest near to Hadí vrch (Snake Hill) in an altitude of 938 m.
It flows first in northern, later eastern direction and with big bend directs to its mouth in Otava river in Sušice. Its river-basin makes 169 km². The river-bed  is parttially stony, partially sandy. Near to Velhartice it flows through nice deep valley, in order to change at Kolinec into a river flowing through partially river-bed with many weirs, partially passable.
In the surroundings, the meadows are changing with forests, especially on its upper section.
Ostružná flows into Otava with a swoop, in left direction a mill-race is turning aside.
You can find it in Sušice or Velhartice. A suitable camping place is to be found in Sušice.
Food supply:
It is available in Velhartice, Kolinec, Hrádek and Sušice.
First aid:
It is available in health centres in Velhartice. Kolinec and Sušice.
Places of interest:
Velhartice: Gothic castle of 14th century, reconstructed and partially accessible, Roman church arranged in Gothic style, originally synagogue and Jewish cemetery.
Ujčín: Renaissance stronghold of 16th century.
Kolinec: originally gold-mining community, Renaissance castle arranged in Neo-classic style.
Mokrosuky: Renaissance castle of 16th century.
Kašovice: rests of stronghold of 14th century.
Hrádek u Sušice: Renaissance castle of 16th century.
Sušice: see Otava.


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