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SK, Jelka - Water Wheel Mill

Published: 13.6.2013
Today we will visit a wonderful and interesting technical sight – a water wheel mill in Jelka. Jelka is situated in southwest Slovakia in beautiful nature surrounding the Little Danube.

Water Wheel Mill in Jelce is often called Nemeth’s Mill after its first owner Josef Nemeth. The mill is considered to be a rarity in Central Europe. Today a lot of people who like history, folk arts and also water sports go here to see it.
Vodní kolový mlýn v Jelce
Paddlers’ Paradise
Občerstvení u mlýnaYou may find this remarkable technical on the left bank of the Little Danube River. Its meander creek makes an enchanting seclusion, a lovely place for many paddlers. A weir on the Little Danube is not only for experienced paddlers but for families with children or beginners as well. Close to the water wheel mill there is a popular paddler camp. Except standard services there are fireplaces, a place for anchorage, grassy area where you can play some games, or a place where you can build a tent. There are also few snack bars where you can taste great few delicacies made of fish. You can get to the mill even by car, however, if you choose a boat to get there, your journey would be more enchanting. But a car is more comfortable and you can park it on an unguarded parking lot right in front of the mill.
Relax na břehu Malého Dunaje
Vodní kolový mlýn v Jelce
The oldest note related to the mill is from the year of 1894. Originally, the mill consisted of two boats connected by a huge mill wheel. Later, in the year of 1900 a renovation was initiated. Originally a boat mill was rebuilt to a three-storey wooden water wheel mill. In 1906 it began to mill until April 1951. After, the mill decayed. However, not many were with its condition. Since 1983 the mill is part of the immovable cultural sights of Slovakia. Due to its bad condition theMuseum of National History in Galanta together with officials of Jelka decided in 1991 to disassemble the mill and renovate it. Water wheel mill in Jelka again waits for its visitors since 1995 when huge renovation had finished. Visitors come here to admire cylindrical wooden mill that has an extension for an elevator as well as a gutter to transport sacks to wagons and a dust chamber. The main part of the mill is its wooden mill room that is situated on 54 planks made of locust tree fasten in the river’s bottom. Right next to the mill there is a small open-air museum. The museum is focused on the agricultural history of the town.
Vodní kolový mlýn v Jelce
I sincerely recommend you to visit this technical sight as well as a visit of the Little Danube shores. Peace that emits from this place will give you a lot of positive energy you need to overcome everyday life.

GPS: 48 ° 8'39 .19 "N 17 ° 29'19 .79" E

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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