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SVK: Malachov

Published: 24.11.2011
At first glance you might village Malachov located in the middle in Slovak republic considered one of the local part of Banska Bystrica. Appearances are deceptive in this case.

The village lies at the foot Malachov Kremnica Malachovském Hills in the foothills. From the south it is surrounded Zvolen basin.

Something about the origin and history

Probably the oldest settlements in this area come from the Neolithic period. This is evidenced by findings from two threshing reddish stone and four oval polished stones, which are stored in the museum in Martin. The oldest settlement in the vicinity of the village reflects some of the names - Large and Small Hrádok - Hradisko. Surveys show locations surrounding settlements during the late La Tene and Roman.

The stream flowing Malachov was mentioned in documents from 1291, when the village in 1327 During the German colonization were called to the mining areas of the German people, the founders of mining settlements, which had in 1422 called "small", in 1446, "Malachi" and in 1467 "Malachow". Mining has been focused on silver, iron and mercury. In 1422 was owned by several lairds, especially Radvansky´s. The village attacked the Turks several times. In 1599, burned the village and surrounding areas.

In the early 20 century, the village has grown Malachová Lower Pršany, lying across the river Hron.

The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and carriers and. In the 17 - 20 century in Malachov Valley they had manufacturers of gunpowder near Radwan, because this area was originally called Stupy.

The most important historical monument in the village Malachov the Evangelical People's School, founded by Andrei Sládkovič in 1858. We find here a monument built to commemorate the fallen in the 1st World War II, 2 World War II memorial board.

Symbols of the village

Blazon of Malachov village shows two green hills on which grow two green pine trees, among them from the third turf growing spruce. Green sward is divided into nine silver threads.

Flag of the village takes the form of composition as the municipal flag with aspect ratio, which is not fixed. On it to see four white horizontal stripes, among them are three green belts, of which the middle is the widest.

The seal has a circular shape and displays inside the municipal symbol around which is sign in circle "village Malachov”.

Sports and tourist facilities in Malachov

Around the town Malachov are several cycling routes are marked separated according to their intensity from yellow through green and brown to black very demanding. You can also Natrefit the blue sign, which is marked Bystrica cycling route. Even enthusiasts of hiking and cross country skiing will enjoy it.

A very interesting tourist attraction is Malachová mining road (Via Malachoviensis), which by nature trails maps the rich history of mercury mining in the valley Ortútské as the largest and oldest deposits in Europe. Equally interesting is the old postal route (Banska Bystrica-Kremnica) and forest range.

The village is in the winter because of your frequently visited ski resort Ski-Malachová centre, located in the suburban area of ​​Banska Bystrica. Ski Centre also provides all-day traffic and night skiing and has five snow cannons to guarantee quality skiing throughout the winter.

Text: Zuzana Megerssová
Photo / source: Malachov



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