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USA, New York: 5 Places You Should Visit

Published: 14.6.2020
New York is a city that is on the travel list of many people. No wonder, it is full of historical monuments and dozens of interesting places. Do you want to visit New York and make a plan, what do you want to see? In that case, don't forget these 5 places.

Before the Journey

The journey to New York takes a long time. Along with the transfers, it can be stretched for up to 12 or 14 hours. It is therefore necessary to prepare properly for it. What will you need?

The basis of a comfortable and successful trip are quality suitcases. Be careful, each airline has different conditions. Study them all carefully, as there may be differences in both the size of the suitcase and its weight. If you want to buy a quality suitcase, but at the same time you do not want to have to pay several hundred for it, try to look in Tesco. If you have Tesco far away, first flip through the Tesco flyer, where you will often find such suitcases in action. They have a choice of fabric as well as plastic suitcases of various sizes.

New York

In addition to suitcases, don't forget to buy a good book or at least two magazines. It will make your stay at the airport or on the plane more pleasant.

And the last important point is comfortable clothing. Think of this, for example, when viewing the Pepco flyer. In the menu you will find comfortable men's, women's and children's clothing. Keep in mind that you will be in these clothes all the way, so they must be light and loose.

New York

When you have the right equipment for the trip, prepare your list and complete these five places.

Times Square

We will start with one of the most famous squares in the world. Millions of tourists visit Times Square every year. It is known mainly for neon signs and a large number of shops. It has an unmistakable atmosphere that you must experience for yourself. You should visit it during the day and in the evening as well.

Times Square

And what to do here? You have a wide range of options in Times Square. You can visit dozens of shops or sit down for a good coffee. Many businesses have beautiful views of the entire square.

In Times Square you will find one of the most beautiful McDonald's in the world. It is completely glazed, thanks to which it provides an unmistakable view.

Central Park

In addition to Times Square, Central Park is the basis of every visit to New York. The area of the park is 3.41 km2. If you want to go through it all, you will need at least one day and comfortable shoes.

Central Park 

You can relax in the park. You can walk, play sports or relax on benches and blankets. When visiting it, don't forget the famous Boathouse, the large Central Park Zoo or the Bow Bridge.

Central Park   Central Park 

Top of the Rock / Empire State Building

The choice is yours. Both buildings provide a very similar view of the entire city. The price for admission is almost the same. However, many claim that Top of the Rock provides a slightly nicer view.

New York

If you decide to visit New York, you should definitely complete one of the prospects. When booking tickets, you can choose the time when the sun sets. You can pay $ 10 for it, but it's definitely worth it.

New York

New York City Hall

City Hall is a town hall with a beautiful interior. The tour lasts about an hour and a half and is free. During it, you will learn many interesting facts about the history of New York. If a meeting is taking place in City Hall during your visit, you can watch it.

New York, City Hall v pozadí

Visiting City Hall is free, but tours take place only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The number of people in the group is also limited and you must fill out a form. Then you agree on the exact time.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most famous and largest railway stations. It has up to 44 platforms, which are located on two floors. Both are underground.

However, what makes the station interesting is especially its historic interior and beautiful large windows. The building has been on the list of American monuments since 1976.

Grand Central Terminal 

When you visit the station, look better at its large windows. It is very likely that you will see a person walking through them. The windows have two layers, between which there is a wider corridor for employees.

New York

New York is a city suitable for everyone. It provides a wide range of opportunities for rest, relaxation or entertainment. If you want to visit it too, be sure to prepare beforehand. Make a list of sights and attractions so you don't forget anything.

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