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Italy: Venice – World Famous Carnival

Published: 4.2.2013
Carnevale di Venezia, the Carnival in Venice, is the most famous Carnival in Europe. Every year it drags myriads of visitors from all-around the world.

We managed to visit it last year however, a similar atmosphere is in Venice is surely also these days for the famous Carnival in Venice is already taking place.

Benátky během karnevalu Benátky během karnevalu

Few glimpses of history
A tradition of rich, blithe and very opulent Carnivals goes back to the 11th century. Back then was the Carnival in Venice a folk holiday with no exact date. It used to be, and it is even now, a prelude to 40-day fast before Easter. Since very long ago the prime role during the holiday had masks role of which was to erase, or try to erase, class or social differences among people. The thing is that masks make king beggar and vice versa. Masked inhabitants of the city were thus able to unleash amusement they liked. During the 18th century the tradition of the Carnival in Venice began to fall and it almost disappeared. It was renewed in 1979 and since the it has attracted large numbers of tourists.

Masky – fantazii se meze nekladou
The Carnival is rolling
This year the popular Carnival begins on January 26 and lasts to February 12, 2013, so you have still chance to attend this unseen Carnival. Many travel agencies this year, as last years, offer this experience in a form of longer or shorter stays. But you can also get there on your own. In that case you rather find out if there are still some free rooms left. And if, make sure the price is right since to travel there and back just to see some masks in car in a one day is not smart.

    Masky – fantazii se meze nekladouMasky – fantazii se meze nekladouMasky – fantazii se meze nekladouMasky – fantazii se meze nekladou
Themes of the Carnival in Venice change every year. We were astonished by an unseen colorfulness and an imagination of the whole event we believe is even more colorful and opulent than last year. The motto of this year’s Carnival is: Enjoy colors or life in colors.

My jsme se také zamaskovaliNot only tourists but also Venetians enjoy their Carnival and they work on their masks even a month ahead. Even we were not able to resist and we bought at least half masks in one of the stands with beautiful masks. Masked we enjoyed roaming in the city and enjoying a beautiful atmosphere. Hidden in merrymaking you can easily entertain yourself and forget everyday worries. Thanks to mask you can become everyone you want – a clown, queen, prince, or beggar. Your mask allows you to flirt or to be drag by a romantic moment. This is the right time you can act naturally. This is the moment when the reality is the reality you want. The time of Carnival in Venice has to be enjoyed to its fullest and you shouldn’t resist it magic.

Despite the fact I don’t like large crowds of people, it didn’t bother me there. Only con were full coffee bars and restaurants. In this time of year there is also winter in Venice and it was almost impossible to get warm with some cup of coffee or glass of wine

dav lidí v Benátkách v průběhu světoznámého karnevalu

If you didn’t experience the carnival yet, our photos will maybe inspire you). And maybe you, or the following year, even you will go there

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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