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CZ, Brno – The Capital of Moravia VI
Published: 6.4.2016
Last time we explored the building of Old Town Hall. Another beautiful sight stands near to it. We got on the historical square of Zelny Trh (Cabbage Market).

Once they called the square Horni Trh (Upper Market). It was founded in the same time as the city was. Originally, pottery and shoe markets took place there. Also, animals were traded here. Nowadays you can buy there fruits, vegetables, or flowers. All at stands in square’s center.

Zelný trh

Nearby buildings are the main sights on the square. Parnas is another landmark structure here. It is a richly decorated fountain. Dietrichstein palace turned out to be another interesting sight. The Moravian Land Museum resides there. Another interesting structure is the Palace of the Hausperks, the home to the famous Husa na provazku theater. Reduta theater also operates within the building. It is used for artistic purposes by National Theater Brno. The Holy Trinity sculptural group should be mentioned as well. Interesting part about the square is the so called Labyrinth under Zeleny Trh, basically underground corridors originally used as storages or wine cellars. Labyrinth is open to visitors all year round.

 Palace of the Hausperks

 Dietrichstein palace Zelný trh

Bishop’s Court also caught our attention. From there, we enjoyed beautiful view of cathedral of St Peter and Paul. There were couple of buildings before it belonging to the Moravian Land Museum, a fish tank, mushroom model, Moravian fauna exhibition, fgalleries or Mendelianum science center which focuses upon genetics.

 Bishop’s court

 three crowing roosters on the rooftop of a building Josefska street

After that we walked down to Kapucinske Square . It resembles rather a wide street. The main sight here is the Discovery of the Holy Cross church. A capuchin monastery belongs to it. There you can find the famous baroque Capuchin crypt. Many famous sponsors, monks and famous figures are buried right here We continued to the edge of the street. There we noticed a building with three crowing roosters on its roof. The roosters are symbols of what once was the Hostinec U Tri Kohoutu (Three Roosters Inn). It was a very noticeable advertisement at the time.

 Discovery of the Holy Cross church

Kapucinske SquareMěnínska Gate

We got to Joseska Street. This one is lined with historical as well as modern buildings. Turning right to Orli Street we stumbled upon the Meninska Gate, the only surviving city gate of Brno, once it was part of the fortification. Then we entered Malinovske Square where beautiful Art Nouveau buildings stand including Mahenovo Theater , a national cultural sight. The theater is known to be the first to play six operas of Leos Janacek. Also, the Romeo and Juliet ballet by Sergei Prokofiev saw its premiere here. Also, it was the very first theater in Europe that had electric lights. Even Thomas Alva Edison himself came here to take a look at its lights. The statue socha „Homage to Edison“ was installed on the square in 2008 to commemorate this event. It consists of four intertwined light bulbs made of steel. There is also the House of Brno Art focusing on modern art.

 Mahenovo Theater, „Homage to Edison“ statue stands in the foreground

The Square of Malinovsky is an important crossroad which is only one stop away from the main train station. So, we ended our exploration of Brno. But once we will return and discover some more interesting places in the city.

GPS: (Zelny Trh) 49°11'32.5"N 16°36'31.9"E

Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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