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Sweden: Stockholm - Scandinavian Capital

Published: 28.3.2011
Scandinavia is extended on a peninsula of the same name in the North of Europe. It is also known as a country of elks, trolls, fjords, high mountains, endless plains or a seat of Santa Claus.This area has, as a consequence of its position, more colder climate and heterogenous countryside, rather few inhabitated (colonized).

Nevertheless, this fact was rebounded in positive way, as far as the character of nature countryside is concerned, and it is proved with great number of national parks.

Stockholm, Swedish capital, is ofter marked as a capital of the whole Scandinavia. So, let´s introudce in today´s article next places of interest, offered by this charming town, as follows:

Ekoparken - The First National Town Park of the Whole World

Stockholm could be very proud on this park. In 1995, it was founded by Swedish Parliament. By the way, you can find many parks in the town but this Ekoparken is particular in many levels. Except the fact that it is the first town´s park of the world, it is most frequented urbanistic park in Sweden and most visited tourist destination of the whole Kingdom. Each year, approx. 15 millions of visitors arrive there. Such „green lungs“ cover the extention of 26 square kilometres, whereas up to 8 square kilometres are formed with water areas. The park is being used by town´s inhabitants or its visitors for relax as well as for various leasure time outdoor activities. The Ekoparken is a unique mixture of beautiful nature and culture. You can admire there many protected sorts of plants and animals. In past, a part of park served as King´s preserve, where several beautiful palaces are to be found. The lovers of active relax find also their favoured places. So, ideal conditions for canoeing, cycling, horse riding, fishing or frisbee (throw with flying plate) are available there.

Skansen - the First Nature Museum of the World

Skansen is the first museum in open air of the world. It was established in 1891, so that this title was introduced also in another countries as general name for nature museums. So, it is, for instance, the Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec (Slovakia), frequently marked as Skansen Museum Zuberec. The same is valid in case of Mining Nature Museum in Banska Štiavnica, mentioned often as Banska Bystrica Skansen. If you wish to inspect in detail Skansen in Stockholm, I recommend you to reserve the whole day.for it. ZOO-garden and aquarium form also a section of such extended area, consisting of well arranged park, full of green and old rare buildings, from historical point of view.

This extended complex is situated in Djurgarden Island. You can arrive there by means of tram, bus or even by ship. Provided you prefer walkings, so, you can go there also on foot. But, attention, please: you have to pay attention for a fact that you would not be temptated with another attractions, offered by Stockholm. It could happen to you that you reach Skansen in the afternoon only, and the time period for detailed visit and sightseeing will not be sufficient for you. In Skansen, you can admire approx. 150 mansions, handicrafts´ houses, mills and farms, imported from various parts of Sweden.

Nevertheless, Skansen is not standard nature museum. It plays very important task, as far as the care regarding national folklore and people´s traditions are concerned. The area is a scene of various celebrations and cultural events, including important Swedish Flag Day. Further, the Summer Solstice Celebrations or Christmas and New Year Celebrations are very popular and visited. As Skansen is placed on top of the hill, you can enjoy from there very interesting town outlook. So, in the evening, very nice illuminated Globen Stadium will be surpassing far away. During walking, you can admire the beauties of north fauna and flora. If you are Stockholmskortet holder (Stockholm Card), the entrance for you is free of charge. Skansen is open for public seven days a week.

Fairytale House

Junibacken Museum belongs to another places of interest, placed in Djurgarden Island. This Museum pays homage to known and popular writer-women, Astrid Lindgren. Everybody knows her, as an author of popular fairytale „Pipi Long Stocking“. In museum, you can be driven in a train, meet various fairytale figures, known, first of all, from books of this respected author, but also you can make acquaintance with figures from children books, presented by  the other Swedish writers. As a top of the sightseeing, it is Pipi Long Stocking House where the children can fully enjoy their plays. Perfectly supplied bookshop, offering many books for children, or restaurant form part of this museum section. Within summer months (July and August),the museum is open for public seven days a week. Apart of this term, the museum is closed on Mondays. Your entry there is free of charge, provided you are Stockholmskortet holder.

Text/photo: O. Kubáčková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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